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O2 Remote Support

  1. The O2 remote support service (the 'Service is designed to allow our representatives to assist you, our O2 customers, with problems you may have with your mobile phone.
  2. As part of the Service our representatives will connect to your mobile phone remotely using LogMeIn software.
  3. This will allow our representatives to remotely view your phone's screen, control your phone's screen, type in commands, record interactions with your screen and capture screenshots of your screen.
  4. It will also allow our representatives to remotely add, delete, copy, edit and replace files stored on the phone.
  5. Our representatives will be able to remotely retrieve diagnostic information relating to your phone including (but not limited to):

    • a. Information about applications stored on the phone
    • b. Serial numbers
    • c. System information such as remaining memory and storage space
    • d. Cell site information
    • e. Signal and battery strength
  6. Our representatives will be able to send device settings information to and from the phone allowing for the configuration of:

    • a. Services including (but not limited to) those used to access the internet
    • b. WiFi networks
    • c. Email
    • d. Device restrictions
  7. Our representatives will be able to use your phone's web browser to access websites and find applications.
  8. Interactions may be recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.
  9. If you have an issue with the Service you have received please email or write to:

    O2 Complaint Review Service
    PO Box 302
    LU6 9GN

  10. Any internet connection for the Service over the mobile data network will be chargeable and if applicable will come out of your monthly data allowance.
  11. By using the Service you accept these terms and conditions, you consent to us accessing the data on your phone and you consent to the transfer of your data to us in order to deal with your issue. We will use your data to the extent that we need it to deal with your mobile phone issue, and we may record the sessions for quality and monitoring.
  12. You must be with your phone throughout your use of the Service. You must notify us during the Service if you need to leave your phone so we can end the Service.
  13. It is your responsibility to ensure you back up anything stored on your phone before you commence using the Service.
  14. We accept no responsibility for availability of network connections or any events outside our control.
  15. Subject to clauses 16 and 17 below and to the extent permissible by law, we accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, or injury caused by your use of the Service.
  16. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.
  17. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit our liability arising out of fraudulent misrepresentation or fraudulent concealment.
  18. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any change will be explained at the top of these terms and conditions.
  19. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.
  20. These terms and conditions are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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