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Refurbished Apple Watch Term and Conditions

Our Apple Refurbished Watches are watches that have been returned to us under a customer’s 14 day cooling off period, or warranty replacements. All Apple refurbished watches have been fully restored to their original state and tested for extra peace of mind.

What to expect from an Apple Refurbished Watch:

· Possible superficial scratches on the back, side and screen

· No cracks on the screen

· No more than 5 deep scratches or chips of up to 2mm in length

· Security wiped with no content or contacts

· Comes with the latest operating system (subject to the chosen model)

· Comes in an O2 branded box, not in original packaging

· 12 months warranty, subject to O2’s standard terms and conditions

Note: The above list is not exhaustive and O2 does not accept any liability for any other signs of general wear and tear on the product.

Packaging and user guides

All of our Apple refurbished watches are delivered in an O2 branded box, a brand new Apple branded watch strap and Type-C magnetic charger. No user guide or original packaging comes in the box. If you need a user guide, you can find this on the manufacturer's website. Watch Airtime Plan Terms


1. The Watch Airtime Plan is available to customers who:

i. have an iPhone 6 or newer that has an O2 Pay Monthly airtime connection (the “Paired iPhone”) which can be a Pay Monthly SIM only plan or an O2 Refresh/custom

plan (the “Paired iPhone Airtime Plan”). Note your Paired iPhone Airtime Plan must support Wi-Fi and 4G calling. This exists on any tariff bought from 2014 onwards. If you have a tariff purchased before 2014, you will need to upgrade to one of our current tariffs before purchasing an Apple Watch.

ii. have the latest version of iOS on the Paired iPhone;

iii. have a Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 or SE Apple Watch;

iv. and take a Watch Airtime Plan directly from O2 (for O2 Refresh/custom plan PAYM plans) or through the Apple Watch app (for 30 day PAYM SIMO plans).

2. If you’re an O2 Customer who is in arrears or, in our reasonable belief, in breach of these terms or the terms of your Pay Monthly Services Agreement or Device Plan, you are not eligible for the Watch Airtime Plan.

3. The Watch Airtime Plan does not come with any minutes or text allowance. Instead the Watch Airtime Plan allows your Apple Watch to share the minutes and texts of the Paired iPhone. Even if the Apple Watch is out of range of the Paired iPhone, any calls and texts will be charged against the Paired iPhone Airtime Plan.

4. The Watch Airtime Plan comes with unlimited data, but this data will only be used if your Apple Watch is not connected to your Paired iPhone by Bluetooth (Bluetooth proximity is around 30 feet) or connected to Wifi (either through your Paired iPhone or directly). When connected to your Paired iPhone and not connected to Wifi, your Apple Watch will use your Paired iPhone’s data allowance.

5. If your Paired iPhone is switched off, you will not receive text messages on your Apple Watch, but you will receive iMessages and calls.

Restrictions and exclusions

6. Your Paired iPhone Airtime Plan and Watch Airtime Plan must be on the same billing account. You need a Watch Airtime Plan for each Watch that you want to pair with an iPhone. You can only pair one Apple Watch per iPhone.

7. If your Apple Watch is not paired with an iPhone, you will not be able to use data or receive/make calls and texts on your Apple Watch.

8. If you or O2 cancel the Paired iPhone Airtime Plan then your Watch Airtime Plan will be disconnected and, if applicable, you will also need to repay any Device Plans for your Apple Watch and Paired iPhone in full. You will receive debt collection letters for all relevant unpaid elements.

9. You will need to pair the relevant iPhone to the Apple Watch using the Apple Watch app which is pre-loaded onto your iPhone. If you have uninstalled the Apple Watch app, you will need to download it to your iPhone. The Apple Watch app is free to download but data charges may apply when you visit the app store to download it. If you get a new or replacement Apple Watch or you get a new or replacement iPhone, your Apple Watch will need to be re-paired to the relevant iPhone via the Apple Watch app.

10. The Apple Watch requires 3G or higher coverage for data and calling services.

11. The Apple Watch does not currently have the hardware capability to work abroad or roam when the Watch is not in Bluetooth proximity of the Paired iPhone. This means the Watch data allowance is UK only.

12. The data allowance on the Watch Airtime Plan cannot be shared with, tethered to or transferred to any other device.

13. You are not able purchase bolt-ons for your Paired iPhone or for your Apple Watch using the Apple Watch.

14. The Watch Airtime Plan is not eligible for Family Plan discounts.

15. You may need to download music to your Apple Watch from your music app to listen, subject to app functionality.

16. The Watch Airtime Plan must be for your private and personal use in accordance with your Pay Monthly Services Agreement and Pay Monthly Tariff Terms. If we reasonably believe that you have breached these terms or those, we reserve the right to impose further charges and / or disconnect your SIM card in accordance with your Pay Monthly Services Agreement.

Other important terms

18. These terms and conditions together with your Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, Tariff Terms and/or Device Plan(s) govern your use of the Watch Airtime Plan. If there is any inconsistency between the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement and these terms, or between our Tariff Terms and these terms, then these terms will prevail.

19. O2 reserves the right to remove, vary or amend any element of these terms without notice including but not limited to the substitution of a suitable alternative. O2 does not guarantee that the Watch Airtime Plan will always be made available and reserves the right to end the Watch Airtime Plan at any time (but we will honour any Minimum Periods that we have agreed with you (as that term is defined in the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement)).

20. These terms and conditions are governed by English law, and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

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