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iPhone 12 Family

Meet the iPhone 12 family

Save up to £330. From £21 a month, £20 upfront. With 3GB data.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Save £154 on the Galaxy S21 5G

When you buy the 128GB model. From £34 a month, £10 upfront.
SImo 100GB

Get all the data you need

Get 100GB data for £16 a month, with our 24-month sim. Ends 1 September.

Meet the iPhone 12 Pro

Save £82 on the 128GB model. From £44 a month, £10 upfront. With 20GB data.
iPhone SE

The most powerful 4.7 inch iPhone ever

Get iPhone SE, 64GB model. From £17 a month, £30 upfront. With 1GB data.
Simo 40GB

Get double data

Get 40GB for the price of 20GB. Just £18 a month* with a 12-month sim.
Galaxy Book LTE

Save £126 on the Galaxy Book LTE

£27 a month, £20 upfront. Plus, get 10GB data for the price of 5GB. 

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Collaborate anywhere








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We get people an extra two hours a day. Sometimes it’s more than a job. It’s a desire to serve. That’s why we provide police officers with secure access to information and systems, so they can spend more time on the beat.


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