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Smart homes: all you need to know

With a smart home, you could control your appliances, heating and locks, from your phone. Find out what it means to turn your house into a smart home.


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Virtual reality headsets

Baffled by VR? Or just keen to learn more? Find out what the Gear VR is all about, and discover the best ways to use it.


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Keep the party alive

Whether you’ve got something to celebrate or just fancy getting your friends together, we’ve got all you need to plan the perfect party. From party games to playlists, read our top tips to help you break the ice and let your hair down.


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Day with a smartwatch

Whether you want to catch up on the news, make sure you're staying active or even play soothing noises to help you sleep, there's all sorts that a smartwatch can help you with. Find out what your day could look like with a smartwatch to help you out.


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Keep your kids safe online

It's almost impossible to keep kids away from tech. So it's important to stay in-the-know when it comes to online safety. See our tips to make sure your little ones are staying safe while they're making the most of the internet.


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Create your own company

Fancy being your own boss? There's more technology than ever to help you get started out in the business world. Follow our five steps to success and find out how O2 Business can help you go it alone.


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