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Multisave discount - Terms & Conditions ("Offer Terms")

Multisave is a Supplementary Service as defined in our terms and conditions for the O2 Pay Monthly Mobile services (the “Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement”) available here. The Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement shall also apply to the Multisave services. These terms and conditions will form part of your O2 customer contract once an eligible request for Multisave has been accepted by us.

Multisave allows you to get a discount off eligible Pay Monthly airtime on O2 (the “Offer”).

These terms were amended on 27 August 2021 to reflect eligibility for Smart Watches and then further amended with effect from 17 June 2022 to comply with Ofcom's General Conditions of Entitlement.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. In addition to the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, these Offer Terms govern the Offer. 

Capitalised terms used in these Offer Terms and not defined shall be as defined in the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, or the relevant tariff terms, as applicable.

1. Eligibility: The Offer is available to O2 customers with a new or existing consumer Pay Monthly contract purchased directly or indirectly from O2 (“Lead Contract”), who then take out one or more eligible Qualifying Tariffs (up to a maximum of 20 connections per Multisave “Multisave Connections”) (each a “Qualifying Contract”) during the Offer Period.

2. A Qualifying Tariff is a consumer Pay Monthly contract purchased directly from O2 stores, online at or through our O2 voice channel with a tariff that does not have a monetary airtime discount applied. Certain tariffs may only be eligible for this Offer at certain times, so please check marketing material to ensure eligibility before you buy.

2.1 O2 Business customers are not eligible.

2.2 The consumer Pay Monthly Qualifying Contract/s must, at the time of verification, be registered to the Lead Contract account holder.

2.3 Customers whose applications or orders for the Qualifying Contract/s are not successful or whose orders are not accepted within the Offer Period are not eligible and cannot participate.

2.4 Apple and Samsung watch devices are excluded from the Offer. 

3. Offer Period: This Offer will be available from the effective date until it is withdrawn in accordance with Clause 16 of these Offer Terms.

4. How to participate:

4.1 If purchasing online or over the phone, customers who wish to participate in the Offer (“Participants”) can redeem the Offer within 28 days of taking a Qualifying Contract (“Redemption Period”) by, opening up your My O2 account, heading to the “Multisave Group” section and selecting “Create a Multisave Group”. Then, select a mobile number from your account list in the “add a member” section. If they are not in your account list add their email address and mobile phone number under the “non account” section. Click “Add member” to confirm your selection and the recipient of the discount will need to accept your invitation to join your Multisave Group in their MyO2 account. In the event this method does not work try texting the keyword ‘LOYALTY’ to the short code 21500. Application texts must be received before the Redemption Period expires. Participants will receive a text or series of texts requesting information to which Participants must respond fully and accurately before their Qualifying Contract is added to Multisave.

i. The Offer Discount will be applied 3 working days after all requested information has been supplied and verified.
ii. The Offer Discount will be reflected on the respective Participant's monthly bill/s for their respective Multisave Connection/s from the point of verification.
iii. The Offer Discount will not apply retrospectively.

4.2 If purchasing through a retail store (directly with O2) the discount will be applied automatically at the point of purchasing a Qualifying Contract.

5. Pay Monthly offer contents: The Offer provides for a 20% discount, on the airtime element for Qualifying Contracts between 2 and 6.

6. The availability of the Offer Discount will be determined by the number of Qualifying Contracts registered to the Lead Contract at the point of verification, including Pay Monthly consumer connections that do not qualify for the Offer Discount. For example,

i. The account holder purchases a new SIMO contract on an eligible tariff. This new Qualifying Contract would qualify for a 20% Offer Discount; 

ii. The Lead Contract then takes out a new O2 Refresh contract in the sale, but because it is on a promotional airtime tariff it doesn’t qualify for an Offer Discount;

iii. The account holder then buys a new Refresh contract on a Qualifying Tariff and so qualifies for a 20% Offer Discount.

7. Offer Discounts will be applied against the airtime element of Multisave Connection/s only. For the avoidance of doubt, the Offer Discount does not apply to any applicable Device Plan nor to any additional airtime charges incurred over and above the standard Monthly Subscription Charges.

8. Only one Offer Discount per Multisave Connection, up to a maximum of 20 connections. Out of 20 Multisave Connections, a maximum of 6 of those Multisave Connections may be O2 Refresh contracts at any one time. The Offer is subject to availability.

10. Disqualifying Events: A Participant will cease to qualify for this Offer if:

a. They do not comply with the terms of their Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement/s or Device Plan Terms and Conditions (if applicable);

b. The Lead Contract is terminated, for any reason without a Multisave Connection replacing them;

c. The Lead Contract or Multisave Connections are disconnected and reconnected (for whatever reason) at a later date;

d. The Lead Contract is moved to a promotional tariff that is incompatible with this Offer. If the Lead Contract is still valid but Multisave Connections move to a tariff that is incompatible with this Offer then those Multisave Connections will not be able to redeem the Offer Discount;

e. the Participant is no longer a Multisave Connection as defined in these Offer Terms if we have reason to believe that the Offer has been obtained either:
i. by mistake or
ii. by providing incorrect information on the Offer application or
iii. by fraud. Where the Offer has been obtained fraudulently O2 may reclaim the value of any benefits obtained by the O2 account holder or perpetrator of such fraud.

11. Eligibility Reassessment Events: Multisave Connections will have their discount reassessed and/or reduced if:

a. other Multisave Connection/s are terminated, have been disqualified from the Offer, for any reason or have been appointed as a Lead Contract;
or b. The Lead Contract is terminated and a Multisave Connection is appointed by O2 as a Lead Contract.

12. For the avoidance of doubt, if you upgrade a Multisave connection you will need to reapply for the Multisave airtime discount.

13. Non-transferable: The Offer can only be redeemed against the Participant's valid Multisave Connection/s and cannot be used to pay for or off-set any other fees, charges or costs nor any other O2 account balances. The Offer cannot be transferred. There are no cash alternatives.

14. Returns and refunds: Our Returns and Repairs policy applies and is hereby incorporated into these terms.

15. Exclusions: This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and Participants must retain their receipts as proof of purchase.

16. Amending or withdrawing the Offer: Subject to paragraph 8 of the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, the Offer is variable in nature and O2 reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Offer and its associated terms and conditions at any time on reasonable notice. O2 does not guarantee that the Offer will always be made available.

17. Please refer to the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement for more details on our rights to vary and (if applicable) your rights to cancel.  

18. In relation to the Multisave, your information is treated in accordance with O2's Privacy Policy, which can be viewed at

19. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.

20. The Offer Terms are governed by English Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.