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More ways to connect you than ever before

Our network is award-winning. We’re proud to have been voted Britain’s best network for coverage, at the uSwitch 2019 awards.

More about our network

The very best network for you. That's our aim.

Great 4G coverage, inside and out

uSwitch customers awarded our network best for coverage in 2019. And it’s no surprise. At the end of 2017 we reached our target to cover 98% of the population with 4G coverage both inside buildings and outside, and fulfilled our promise to Ofcom.

Investing in innovation

Since 2013 we’ve been working hard to bring 4G to the UK and continue to spend over £1.5m a day on our network  - in the areas where our customers tell us they need connectivity. We have dedicated engineers across the UK who know their local area like the back of their hands, as well as state of the art UK Network and Service Management Centres.

We’re investing in a range of innovations and industry leading technologies; from small cell infrastructure to massive MIMO (multi input multi output) technology in order to ensure we continue to give customers the connectivity they need.

In the 2018 Ofcom spectrum auctions we won more spectrum than any other UK operator - 80Mhz to be precise. We’re using this to provide more capacity in areas of the country where our network can get really busy at certain times – like train stations or city centres and to ensure that we have the spectrum we need to be 5G ready in the near future.

A network when and where our customers need it

We design, plan and build our network around our customers, and pride ourselves on our customer centricity.

We were the first UK operator to introduce a self-organising network – one that autonomously detects poor experience for a customer and improves it in real time.

We track our customers’ experiences through tools such as My Network app and the live status checker, so we understand when our customers might be experiencing a problem with the network, which helps us to fix it faster.

Rural connectivity

Since 2013 we’ve brought 4G coverage to over 17,463 towns, villages and hamlets across the UK. Check out the experience we brought our customers in Staylittle, Wales.


The future

We’re all over the new generation of 5G and are busy preparing for launch in 2020. We installed a 5G testbed at The O2 in 2018, which lets our customers experience the future of connectivity.