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Join the UK’s No.1 Network▴

We’re here for you whenever you need us.

Why are we the UK’s No.1 Network?▴

Because more people rely on our network than any other. Every single day we have over 34.1 million connections* pinging on our network, helping people and businesses all over the UK to stay connected to the things that matter.

Here’s why our customers are so loyal


Let us introduce you to Bubl

You’ve probably already seen our robot all over town. Think of Bubl as your little blue buddy. Smart. Reliable. Everywhere. Just like the O2 Network. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Bubl, too.


Our network keeps getting better

We invest over £2 million a day to make the UK’s No.1 Network even better. In 2020 we added extra 4G capacity into 180,000 UK postcodes. We’re also pushing coverage further by championing the Shared Rural Network agreement, which brings operators, Ofcom and the government together on a mission to boost current landmass coverage from 67% to 84%. It’ll also mean an extra 1,800 sq miles of the country will get 4G for the first time. And when it comes to 5G, we’re now live in over 150 towns and cities, with many more rollouts planned this year and beyond. Find out more about 5G.

We’re taking the carbon out of O2

Being the No.1 Network means leading the way. That’s why we’ve set an ambitious commitment to be the first UK mobile network to reach net zero. Across every office, every store and every mast, our goal is to remove non-renewable energy from our network and operation, to be a Net Zero Business by 2025. Find out more.

Looking for more?

*Connections are defined as the number of Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) classed as active in the last 90 days.
▴No.1 Network: Based on total number of connections to O2 network vs. number of connections to each of, Vodafone, BT Group, and Three as of 30.06.20. Limitations to network coverage and terms apply. Ranking by MNO based on number of connections:
1. Telefonica UK
2. BT Group
3. Vodafone
4. Three
For further information, please see our terms and conditions.
**Institute of Customer Service Index Customer Satisfaction rankings [Jan 2020].