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The digital divide

The internet has become an absolute necessity. Without it, we struggle to connect with loved ones, work, study, or access vital services like online food shopping, banking, and medical appointments.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve relied on the internet more than ever – with more and more services going online.

But there’s a hidden crisis.

In the UK, 1.5 million homes have no connection to the internet.

Help connect someone this Christmas

At O2, we believe we're all better when we're connected. That's why this year we launched the UK's first ever National Databank, together with digital inclusion charity the Good Things Foundation. In July 2021 we committed 7.5 million GB of O2 mobile data to help over 200,000 people get connected by the end of 2023, and this Christmas we’re donating even more.

For every plan purchased with us between 1 November and 31 January, we're donating 10GB data to the National Databank to help tackle data poverty. This is our data pledge.

Find out more about the Good things Foundation and their work. Or browse our plans and give the gift of connection to someone who needs it.

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