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Refurbished phones

Make your money go further and get peace of mind. All Like New phones have passed our five point check and come with a 12 month warranty.

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Why choose a used phone from O2?

For starters, they’re cheaper than brand new phones. There are plenty to choose from too. Looking for a refurbished iPhone? We’ve got you covered. You can choose from a wide range of tariffs, and add any accessories you need to get started.

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You’ll get a cable and pin with your device

You can add headphones and a mains charger after you've chosen your phone. See below for further details.


A great range of refurbished phones, for less

Like New devices are not brand new, but they’re not far off. The only difference is that they may have some wear and tear and superficial scratches, but there will be no more than five deep scratches or chips up to 2mm in length. We’ll make sure every device is loaded up with the latest operating system and rigorously tested before being re-packaged in an O2 box for whoever gets in first. Plus you’ll get a 12 month warranty to put your mind at ease.


The Like New five point check

All of our refurbished phones have passed our five point check, where we look at:

  1. The battery to make sure it charges.
  2. The buttons, security features and cameras.
  3. The sound and microphone for clear audio.
  4. The screen. Typing, rotation and pinch to zoom.
  5. The wifi and other connectivity features.

And then we securely wipe all the data, so you get a clean slate.

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Does my phone come with a charger and accessories?

We’re always looking for ways to reduce waste. And as 70% of people already have a USB charger plug at home, we've decided not to include them with our Like New phones. Instead, they each come with just the USB charging cable, and iPhones also come with a sim pin. If you need a USB charger plug or headphones, you’ll have the option to purchase them after choosing your tariff.

*Each year your Airtime Plan will be increased by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation announced in February plus 3.9%. If RPI is negative, we’ll only apply the 3.9%. You’ll see this increase on your April 2022 bill onwards. See