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This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we have, how we use it and how you can check and update any personal information we have about you.

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Why do we have your personal information?

We collect information to help us manage your account:

  • To deliver products and services to you (whether we provide them or not)
  • To improve our products and services and develop new ones
  • And to manage our network and help us run and grow our business

We also collect information so we can tell you about our products and services or allow partners we've chosen to tell you directly about their products. The law requires us to keep some information, too.

Sometimes we create and anonymise information so you can't be identified.

To find out more, click on any of the sections below.

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The type of Information we have

Without some of your information, we couldn't do our job (or get better at it.) This includes things like who you are, where you are, and how you're going to pay for your services.

Who you are, which includes:

  • Your name, address, gender, age, interests and such.
    You can find these in your My O2 under My Details or in the case of O2 Home log in to My Account.
  • Your debit or credit card details, bank details and other payment information

What you use your O2 products and services for

Your call, text, surfing and billing records (for example) Or any other products from us you use, like our apps - this includes the date and time you use them, how long for, where you use them and how much it costs. We don't look at the content of your messages or listen to your calls (unless you are talking to one of our customer service advisors).

O2 Home communication over the Internet is secure and cannot be monitored by anyone else.  Our cameras don’t currently have the capability to capture any audio.

Where you use our network

So we can connect you to our network, we need to know your location when you make or receive phone calls, messages or use the internet. We call this network location, it finds you through phone masts nearby and only knows roughly where you are so that we can put calls through or connect you to the Internet.

Your smartphone might have also a Global Positioning System (GPS) location that is used by your phone and certain apps. It's more accurate than network location alone, because it uses satellites. It's only if you're using some of our apps, like Priority Moments, or apps connected to O2 Home that we, or partners, might collect some of your GPS location information.

What you do with your O2 account(s)

This includes things like when and how much you top up and pay your bill or how often and why you access your account with us.

How you use your O2 Home service

If you have O2 Home this includes information from O2 Home devices like contact sensors, motion detectors and other sensor information. The information is used to send service notifications to you and other users you have nominated to use your O2 Home account.

If you have cameras installed with O2 Home, the video clips and stills you choose to store will be encrypted and uploaded for storage on cloud servers where only you or the users you have nominated can access it. We may however have information on how much cloud storage space you’ve used up and when you’ve uploaded data.

How you use O2 Money

For example: what you use O2 Money products and card services for. And what payments and transactions are going through at shops and with our partners.

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Where do we get your information?

We collect information mainly when you sign up with us, contact us and when you use our products and services.

For example when you:

  • Register as an O2 customer or take part in market research.
  • Get in touch with us to ask something.
  • Buy from us – whether it's in one of our shops, online, over the phone or somewhere else.
  • Enter any promotions, competitions or prize draws through one of our services.
  • Make changes to or close your O2 account.
  • Go to our website, or the sites of any other companies in the Telefónica Group.
  • Use any of our networks – mobile, wifi or other O2 products and services.
  • Sign up for a service with us and we need to check with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies.
  • Apply for a job with us online.

We also collect information from other sources, including business directories and other commercially or publicly available sources.

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How we use your information

We use and analyse your information to keep in touch with you and to supply and improve our products and services. Sometimes we'll aggregate and anonymise this information so you won't be identified as an individual.

In particular this means using your information to:

  • Give you access to parts of the O2 website like My O2 or your O2 Home account.
  • Sort out a payment, put your order through our system or send you anything you order.
  • Get in touch with you (like if we need to tell you about any problems with a service, or look at markets. Write reports. Do research and number crunching. And (if the law allows it) look at information about you (including the calls you make, your spending, what you use the internet for and where you are when you do it). In the case of O2 Home, this includes things like the settings on your O2 Home equipment and when your O2 Home sensors are triggered. As an individual or as a group).
  • Keep things secure and prevent crime and fraud.
  • Look into any complaints or questions you may raise.
  • Check whether you qualify for credit. This is so we can assess and decide on whether we can give you (and members of your household) credit, credit-related services, other similar facilities or insurance.
  • Trace and recover debts, manage credit, detect and prevent fraud and money laundering.
  • Recover any money you might owe us.
  • Assign your debt to permitted third parties. And look after any credit you might have.

Or to:

  • Tell you if we've changed the way a service works. Or tell you about a new service that we think may interest you.
  • Check what you're interested in, so we can offer (and develop) products and services you're actually interested in.
  • Look at markets. Write reports. Do research and number crunching. And (if the law allows it) look at information about you (including the calls you make, your spending, what you use the internet for and where you are when you do it). As an individual or as a group.
  • Send you information about our products and services (or those from chosen third parties we think you'd be interested in) by phone, post, email, text, picture message, online banner advertising, or other ways – unless you opt out.
  • Tell you about products and services from other companies we think you'd be interested in, or let chosen third parties tell you directly about their products and services. You can opt out of messages like this too.

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How we share your information

To run our business and provide you with our services, we may share your information with others.

This might mean sharing your information with:

  • Our partner companies or agencies and their sub-contractors or prospective partners who help us run our services, for example our billing or customer service centres.
  • Other companies in the Telefónica Group. This includes, Telefonica Dynamic Insights and their respective partners, agents and sub-contractors.
  • Insurance providers when you take out a policy through us.
  • Offers we have your permission to send out to you from third parties, such as through O2 More.
  • Products and services, including apps. For example, location information is used by apps like Priority. By agreeing and using them, you're giving us your consent to share your information with other companies who run these services.
  • Credit reference and fraud prevention agencies.
  • Other communications companies.
  • New or prospective owners of Telefónica UK Limited.

To comply with legal or regulatory obligations, we might share your information:

  • With any public authority or law enforcement agency (if they ask for it).
  • To comply with law or regulations. Or for possible legal proceedings.
  • If you give us personal information that's wrong or we find out (or think) you're responsible for fraud.
  • If one of our partners who are processing information for us are compelled to do so by law.
  • If there's an emergency and we think you or other people are at risk.

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We keep hold of your information

There are certain reasons we have to keep hold of your information.

We keep information while you're our customer or after you've left us, but only as long as we need it. How long we keep it depends very much on the type of information and purpose. For example, we might need to sort out disagreements, stop fraud and abuse, prove that you had an account with us or follow our legal obligations. Or if the police needs it as evidence. We may also keep information about how you use our products or services.

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Want to check and update your information?

It's your information. Just ask if you want a copy.

Your personal information

Go to o2.co.uk and sign in to My O2 to look at your personal information. You can change how we get in touch with you – and your account details – whenever you like.

O2 Home customers should log in to My Account.

Marketing communications

If you don't want us or our partner companies to send you relevant offers or marketing information, you can opt out anytime via your PC in My O2, by clicking on the My Choices link in the My Mobile section. These changes can only be made using your PC - you won't be able to see this option if you are accessing My O2 via the app or the mobile website on your phone.

O2 Home customers can opt out by calling us on 0344 499 0202.  We’re open Mon-Sat, 8am-7pm.  Calls to this number are charged at standard UK rates.

Your location

Network location uses our network to find your phone so we can connect your call. If you don't want us to share your network location for some or all of your services, call us on 1300. It's free from your O2 mobile.

GPS location is different network location. We don't control it, so there's no need to call 1300. GPS is based on satellites and is set up on the mobile phone itself. Look at your phone's settings to configure it.

Please remember, if you choose not to share your location you might not be able to use certain services that need to know where you are in order to work.

Find out more about your information

If you want, we can send you the information we have about you. There are a couple of ways to do this and some requests have to be in writing because of legal requirements. Details on how to do this can be found here.

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Important things to know

The lowdown on cookies

Like other sites, we use cookies. A cookie is like a tag that some sites put on your computer or phone when you visit them so they can recognise you next time. Find out more here.

Communicating over the internet

Any emails or other communications you send over the internet aren't safe unless they've been encrypted. They might go through a few countries before they get to your friend who lives around the corner. That's the nature of the internet.

If someone gets into your emails without your permission, or your personal information is shared publicly, we can't accept responsibility. It's out of our control.

Pages on o2.co.uk and other companies' sites

On our website there are pages that are branded with both the O2 name and logo, as well as other companies' names and logos. We, and other companies working with us, look after these pages.

This Privacy Policy doesn't apply to other companies' sites that you get to through our website. So make sure you've read a company's Privacy Policy before putting your personal information on their site.

Companies outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

We might give your information to other companies based outside the EEA.Like many companies, we may use cloud services from a supplier outside the EEA.

And finally, please note that if you're signing up for our products and services there might be extra terms and conditions to look at.

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