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Virgin Media and O2 have joined forces


Meet the new power couple

The UK’s favourite mobile network operator has partnered up with the UK’s fastest major broadband provider – and together, we’re ready to supercharge the UK.

Who we are

We’re two of the UK’s most iconic brands, combining 46 million+ broadband, mobile, phone and home subscribers, and 18,700 employees. We’ve come together to give the UK more choice and better value - it’s good news for customers, communities and businesses all over the country.

Want to know more? Read our FAQs.

What does this mean for the UK?

What happens next?

Nothing changes for O2 customers right now, and you don’t need to do a thing. But keep an eye out for more ways you’ll benefit from Virgin Media and O2 in the future.

We've also updated the O2 privacy policy and the Virgin Media privacy policy so you know how we'll use your information.

Read our FAQs

Will this impact the customer service I get from O2? Collapsed link

No, we’ll still bring you the same level of customer service you expect from O2.

Are you changing your company name or will both names still exist? Collapsed link

For now, both O2 and Virgin Media will continue to exist separately, as well as together.

Will this mean my O2 contract will change? Collapsed link

No, your contract won’t change.

Will my bills or Direct Debits change? Collapsed link

No, your bills and Direct Debits will stay exactly how they are and will continue to come from O2.

Will my O2 network signal be disrupted? Collapsed link

Not at all. Your signal won’t be affected, you will have the same network experience you normally have on O2. If you ever have any issues, use our network status checker.

Does this change how I make queries about my O2 account? Collapsed link

No, nothing changes. We'll continue to provide customer service for everyone on O2 through the normal channels on our website, call centres and stores.

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The UK’s favourite mobile network operator: O2 was ranked top out of EE, Vodafone and Three for net promotor score. See the full Ofcom report for further details. This information is correct at the date of publication.

The UK’s fastest major broadband provider: based on Gig1 Fibre Broadband average speed of 1130Mbps against the average speeds of major UK internet service providers. Check out our speed comparison page for more details. This information is correct at the date of publication.