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Why get an Android tablet with O2?


The best of Google, in your tablet

Whether you’re aiming to be more productive or just want to be entertained, the power and innovation of Android will make it happen.


Have it your way

Your Android tablet is fully customisable, so you can get it just the way you want it. From the size of your icons and keyboard, to the games and apps on your home screen. You can even add widgets to your home screen, giving you easy access to your calendar, news, weather and more.


Keep all your photos, music and documents safe in one place

Save your content on your phone and open them up on your tablet. With an Android tablet, you can get access to all of your music, photos and more whenever you need it.


Just say the word

Get the laptop experience, in a tablet. You can still use a keyboard, and you can even get a stylus for your notes and scribbles. So you can get on with your work, do some online shopping or stream your favourite show, when you’re on the move.


What is an Android tablet?

An Android tablet is any tablet that runs on an Android operating system. Android tablets are made by a number of different tech companies, like Samsung and Huawei. Each tablet has a range of features that can make your life easier. Some tablets are designed to act as portable PCs, while others are perfect for live streaming and casual gaming.

What’s the difference between an Android tablet and an iPad?

The biggest difference between an Android tablet and an iPad is the software inside. All iPad models run on Apple’s iOS operating system, and Android tablets run on the Android operating system. Before choosing a tablet, it’s a good idea to check which operating system it’s running.


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Which Android tablets can I buy from O2?

Our Android tablets use the very latest, cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s for entertainment, work or casual gaming, you’re sure to find the perfect tablet for you.


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Will I get Disney+ with my Android Tablet?

If you’re upgrading your Airtime Plan or joining us for the first time, you can get six months of Disney+ Standard Plan, on us. All you need to do is choose Disney+ Standard Plan as an Extra when you check out.


Not ready to upgrade yet? No problem. Go to My O2 and add Disney+ to your current plan. Get Disney+ Standard With Ads Plan for £4.99 a month. Or choose Disney+ Standard Plan for £7.99 a month or Disney+ Premium Plan for £10.99 a month and we’ll give you £2 a month off your bill, for six months. After six months, you’ll pay £7.99 a month for Disney+ Standard Plan or £10.99 a month for Disney+ Premium Plan.


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Does my Android tablet come with a keyboard?

Our Android tablets have the keyboard that pops up on screen whenever you need to type something, but they don’t come with a physical keyboard. Prefer a separate keyboard for typing?


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Where can I find O2’s best Android tablet deals?

With our customisable plans, and Extras like six months of Disney+ on us, you can be sure you’ll get great value with any of our tablets.


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