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O2 Lend Us a Quid terms and conditions

  1. Notice: The eligibility criteria for the Lend Us A Quid service has changed. From 3rd August 2017, customers on Big Bundle, Pay & Go Go Go and Simplicity tariffs will no longer be eligible to use the Lend Us A Quid service and these terms have been updated accordingly, pursuant to clause 7.  O2 customers on eligible Pay As You Go tariffs (“Eligible Customers” or “you”) are able to use the O2 Lend Us A Quid Service ("LUAQ Service"). The following Pay As You Go tariffs are excluded:
    1. Big Bundles;
    2. Pay & Go, Go, Go; and
    3. Simplicity.
  2. Eligible Customers must have topped up at least once and must have a balance of £0.50 or less. If you change from a high street to an online tariff or vice versa you will need to top-up at least once on the new tariff before you can use the LUAQ service.
  3. In the event that your balance falls below £0.50 and you wish to make a call you can call the top up line free from your mobile on 4444 and choose to use the LUAQ Service within the top-up option. Using the LUAQ Service will lend you £1 of calltime that will be repaid out of your next top-up. For example if your balance is £0 and your next top-up is £10, after the LUAQ service is repaid you will have a balance of £9 calltime
  4. You must top up within a maximum of 7 calendar days from the day the £1 was borrowed to repay the £1 or an additional one off surcharge of £0.25 will be deducted from your next top-up. For example using the scenario above, if your next top-up of £10 is 8 days after your initial loan then after the LUAQ service is repaid you will have a balance of £8.75 calltime.
  5. A reminder text will be sent if you have not repaid the £1 within 5 days.
  6. You will not be entitled to benefit from the LUAQ Service a second time until you have topped up and repaid any outstanding LUAQ calltime.
  7. O2 reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time. Notice by text message will be provided to customers who have used the service before it is withdrawn. Notice will be effective immediately.
  8. To pay back the £1 borrowed you must top up as normal. Any money added to your account as part of O2 promotions will not pay back the £1 owed.
  9. These terms and conditions together with the Pay As You Go service terms and tariff terms govern your use of the mobile service.
  10. LUAQ is personal to Eligible Customers and cannot be transferred.
  11. Responsibility is not accepted for delays as a result of any computer hardware, network or software failure of any kind.
  12. By participating in the LUAQ Service, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  13. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  14. Promoter and data controller: 500 Brook Drive, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 6UU, United Kingdom