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Returns and repairs

Returns and repairs

Bought something from us? Then you have the right to a repair, replacement or refund if it isn’t working as it should.

And you’ve got the right to change your mind too. Take a look at our change-of-mind policy.

Reckon your device is faulty? Nobody likes to part with their tech, so there are a few things you could try before sending it to us. First, back up your data so you don’t lose your contacts or snaps. Then install the latest software update and reset your phone to its factory settings. This might solve the issue. If you’re still struggling, try our online troubleshooter. And if you need help, book a free session with an O2 Guru in one of our stores.

Faulty items

If your device develops a fault within 30 days, we'll either give you a brand new replacement or your money back. It’s up to you. If it’s been more than 30 days, we'll try to get it fixed for you. You might have to pay in some cases, but we'll let you know beforehand. And you’ll have to pay for any chargeable browsing, texts or calls you’ve made.

You can return your device to us to check, repair, exchange or return Find out how to return a faulty device.

We’ll repair your device as quickly as we can, but you might be able to borrow a replacement while you wait. Ask in one of our stores for more details.

Having a problem with your iPhone? Go to one of our five stores that are also Authorised Apple Repair partners. Staff in these stores are trained to repair iPhones, so you could even get your phone fixed the same day you take it in..

Leeds Briggate
Leeds White Rose Centre
Manchester Market Street
Fulham Broadway
London Camden

If you’ve returned your device or sent it to us for repair, you can check its status. This excludes O2 Smart Home equipment.

Faulty devices

How do I know whether my device needs repairing?

If you’re struggling with your device, try our online troubleshooter. You might just need to update the software or delete some of your apps. If it can’t solve your problem, the troubleshooter will tell you what to do next.

What if my device has had a fault before?

If this isn’t the first time you’ve had a problem with your device, we might be able to give you a full or partial refund. This will depend on how long ago you bought it.

How do I return my faulty device?

If you bought a phone or tablet from, or over the phone with an O2 advisor, you can use our online returns service. If you bought it from an O2 store, you’ll need to return it to store. And if you didn’t buy the faulty product directly from us, you’ll need to get in touch with the seller.

When you send us your device to check, repair, exchange or return, we’ll reset it to its factory settings. This will delete all your info, so make sure that you back up your contacts, photos or anything else you want to keep before you send your device to us. Terms apply.

When you return your device to us, you'll need to make sure it's unlocked and doesn’t have any security software that might stop us from accessing it. If it’s locked or disabled when you send it to us, we might have to charge you for any replacement, or we might not be able to give you a refund.

When you return your device, you'll need to include proof of purchase, all the original parts and any accessories or free gifts. And you should return it with the packaging if possible.

How can I make sure my data’s safe?

When you send us your device to check, repair, exchange or return, we’ll reset it to its factory settings. This will delete all your info, so make sure that you back up your contacts, photos or anything you want to keep before you send your device to us. Terms apply.

What if my device is damaged rather than faulty?

If your device is damaged, your warranty might not be valid. We’ll let you know if the problem’s been caused by damage rather than a fault. If this is the case, we’ll need to charge you for any repairs.

What if O2 can’t help with my faulty device?

We’ll always help where we can, but sometimes this isn’t possible. If we can’t help with your faulty device you might want to check the manufacturer's warranty and your insurance cover..

Faulty accessories

If you bought your accessory from an O2 store you can return it there. To return an accessory that you bought online, use our accessories return form.

Faulty O2 Smart Home equipment

If you’re having problems with O2 Smart Home equipment, give us a ring on 0344 499 0202. Calls will be charged at the standard UK rate.

We’ll let you know whether we need to send an engineer out or whether you can just return your kit to us by post. If it’s a problem with integrated equipment, like locks or thermostats, we’ll probably send an engineer out to take a look. You can even choose a convenient time for us to call round. Don’t try to uninstall integrated equipment by yourself.

If you do want to uninstall your other O2 Smart Home equipment, call us so we can send you the right packaging for you to return your kit. We’ll let you know how to use the CollectPlus service to send your equipment back to us.
You may wish to uninstall or arrange to uninstall larger kit, like fixed outdoor cameras yourself. But if you’d like us to help, or you want your integrated equipment to be removed, we can send an engineer out to you. This usually costs £150 per visit. Call us to arrange a visit.

We’ll take a look at any items you send back to us. Once we’ve found out what the fault is, we’ll refund, replace or repair them. If you arranged to buy the equipment by taking a consumer credit agreement (“CCA”) from us, you’ll need to return all the equipment you bought under that CCA at the same time. We will then arrange a new CCA for you for the equipment you want to keep.

If we can’t help with faulty kit, you might want to check your insurance cover.

If you're not sure about any techy terms, check out our jargon buster

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