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Introducing the Nanosim and how to sim swap

Activating your sim

Pay Monthly customers
If you're new to O2, your sim is ready to use straightaway. Just pop it in your device and you're good to go.

Pay As You Go customers
If you’re new to O2 and you have a Pay As You Go sim, you'll need to top up to activate it.

Existing customers
If you're already an O2 customer and you've upgraded your device, you might need a different sized sim. Don't worry, we'll send you a new sim and you'll still be able to keep your contacts and existing number.

For more information, take a look at Getting the right sized sim or Recently upgraded? sections.

Getting the right sized sim

Standard, micro and nano sim
Sims come in three different sizes - standard, micro and nano. The sims we send have perforated edges so you can just pop out the size you need.

If you're not sure which size sim you need, have a look at the instructions that came with your device.

Don't try to cut your old sim down to size as it could break or get stuck in your device. If you need to use your nano or micro sim as a standard sim in an older device, you can get a free adaptor from an O2 store.

Upgrading and swapping your sim

Before you start, make sure you save contacts from your old sim card so they don’t get lost. If you need help saving or restoring contacts from a sim, you can book an appointment with an O2 Guru.

To swap your sim text SWAP to 20220. Or, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the swap my sim page and enter your mobile number in the box provided.
  2. We’ll then send you a six digit code by text.
  3. Enter your six digit code in the box provided.
  4. Locate the serial number for your new sim. You’ll find it on the back of the sim card. It’s the long number beginning with 8944.
  5. Enter your serial number in the box provided.

That’s it. We’ll let you know your sim swap has been successful.

The swap is usually done within 2 hours but at busy times it can take up to 24 hours. Once you lose signal with your original sim, turn your device off. Put in your new sim and turn your device back on. If you need to, turn your device off and on until you get signal. Then you're ready to go.

Find out more about sim swap

Lost, stolen or damaged sims

If your sim has been lost or stolen, you'll need visit an O2 store or contact us to block your sim and order a replacement. Once the replacement arrives, contact us to activate your new sim.

If it has been damaged, you'll need visit an O2 store or contact us to order a replacement. Once the replacement arrives, contact us to activate your new sim.

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