Bolt Ons

Customise your tariff

Bolt Ons allow you to add extra minutes, texts and data as and when you need them. Our Bolt Ons cost as little as £3 a month and you can manage them in My O2 - so no need to call us to make changes.

If you're new to O2 you can add Bolt Ons after you've chosen your tariff (and phone if you want one) in the Shop. If you're already on O2, you can add them in My O2

  • Calls

    Need more minutes? We have three handy Bolt Ons for Pay & Go customers.

    More Minutes | £1 for the day

    Lots of calls to make? The More Minutes Bolt On gives you 50 minutes to call UK mobiles or landlines, for just £1.

    To get this Bolt On, text MOREMINS to 21300, for free. Your minutes will be valid until midnight.

    More O2 Minutes | £1 for the day

    The More O2 Minutes Bolt On gives you 100 UK minutes to call your friends on O2, for just £1.

    To get this Bolt On, text MOREO2 to 21300, for free. Your minutes will be valid until midnight.

    O2 Numbers | £5 a month

    Choose O2 Numbers and get any mix of 1000 minutes or texts to stay in touch with the 10 people you love the most. Go to the O2 Numbers site on your desktop to sign up.

  • Messaging

    MMS Bolt On | £5.11 a month | Pay Monthly

    Add our MMS Bolt On to your package and get 50 picture or video messages at the reduced price of 10p per message to use each month.

    To activate this bolt on please sign into MyO2

  • Insurance

    O2 Insure Premier | From £6 a month

    Choose an O2 Insure Premier policy and get cover for:*

    • Theft
    • Accidental damage
    • Loss of your mobile phone (does not include loss of laptops)
    • £200 worth of accessories
    • Worldwide cover – including international replacement

    A £25 excess applies, excluding iPhone which is a £60 excess (conditions apply).

    You can cancel the policy within 14 days of receiving your policy documents and will not be charged as long as you haven't claimed. After this period you can cancel the policy giving 30 days' notice. A premium may be due for the time you were covered by the insurance.

    * See the full terms, conditions and exclusions of your O2 Insure Premier policy.

    Check out our mobile insurance page for all of our policies and prices to find the package that's right for you.

    If you are a Pay & Go Customer – you can only purchase O2 Mobile Insurance in an O2 store. You'll need a valid proof of purchase. Click here to find your nearest store

  • Data

    We offer a range of Bolt Ons if you need more data.

    The Basics | £3 a month

    Our smallest package, The Basics comes with 100MB of data, just right for light browsing and email.

    The All-Rounder | £6 a month

    With this package you get 500 MB of data for £6 a month.

    The Works | £10 a month

    Enjoy 1GB of data as part of this package.

    The Ultimate | £13 a month

    For those that don't want to miss a thing, enjoy 2GB of data and make the most of your mobile.

    The Works One Off Bolt On | £10 a month

    A Bolt On that gives you 1GB of data for 31 days. After this time it stops, or you can renew it.

    BlackBerry Bolt On | £5 a month

    One for our BlackBerry users 500MB of data, BB email and BBM.

    Pay & Go customers can change data allowances every month. You can do this by calling 2202, free from your O2 mobile or by logging into My O2

    Bolt Ons for data abroad

    For details of our data Bolt Ons for use abroad, see the 'Travelling abroad' section further down on this page

  • Calling abroad from the UK

    International Favourites 3 | £10 a month

    Get 3000 minutes of landline calls and now 100 minutes of mobile calls to 3 international numbers. Also get a Call Me number – friends and contacts in the country you've selected can call you in the UK without paying international charges.

    International Favourites 5 | £20 a month

    With International Favourites 5 you get 200 minutes of mobile calls as well as 3000 minutes of landline calls to 5 international numbers. And like International Favourites 3, you also get a Call Me number.

    Find out more about International Favourites.

  • Travelling abroad

    Pay Monthly O2 Travel – data and calls when travelling in Europe

    Relax. On Pay Monthly O2 Travel you can use your mobile in Europe without worrying about huge bills. Talk for longer and use the web without worrying about over spending. Put yourself in control.

    You'll only be charged £1.99 for each day that you use data in Europe.

    • There's no upper usage limit on Pay Monthly, but data speeds will vary with usage
    • Your daily data charge will apply from midnight to midnight UK time

    When you make or receive calls between countries in Europe, there's a connection charge of 50p, then it's free to talk for up to 60 minutes. Texts sent to the UK and Europe cost 4.8p but are free to receive.

    Before travelling to Europe check you have O2 Travel on your Pay Monthly account. You can check this in My O2 or by calling customer services on 202.

    If you don't have O2 Travel on your account text TRAVEL to 23336 to activate, it can take up to 24hrs to be applied to your account.

    O2 Travel is not available on some contracts. You can check if you are eligible for O2 Travel by calling 202.

    Terms apply

    If you are looking for Pay & Go O2 Travel, see our main O2 Travel page for details

    Data Abroad Bolt On – data when travelling outside of Europe

    Email and browse the internet when you're abroad for less.

    Our Bolt On increases your standard data limit while abroad:

    • Within the EU – standard 255MB limit (£43 inc VAT) increases to 705MB (£120 inc VAT) a month
    • Outside the EU – standard 50MB limit (£40 excl VAT) increases to 200MB (£100 excl VAT) a month

    In simple terms, this means that the maximum you'll be charged for using data abroad is £43 a month inc VAT within the EU, or £40 a month excl VAT outside the EU. Unless you opt to take the bigger option. Then the maximum becomes £120 (inc VAT where applicable).

    It won't cost you anything up-front to take this data option. It simply lets us know that you're happy to increase your data limit (and charges) while abroad. Terms apply