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Leaving O2

Leaving O2

O2 Refresh customer? You can pay off your Device Plan at any time and just pay your Airtime Plan until you're ready for a new device or contract.

If you're not on O2 Refresh, or have joined us through a third party, your contract lasts for one, 12, 18 or 24 months. Find out when your contract ends in My O2.

If you want to end your contract but keep your number, contact us and we'll give you a PAC code to give to your new provider. The PAC code is valid for 30 days. Your account will close once the PAC code is used, until then you will still be charged.

If you cancel before your contract ends, we'll need 30 days’ notice and you might be charged.

For information about returns and repairs, visit our help page.

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