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What is 4G?

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When all we wanted to do was call or text, we used the 2G network. Then came 3G, which was more about the internet on your phone.

But now we watch more videos, play more games, stream and browse. And that’s where 4G comes in.

4G doesn’t just mean faster. 4G means more of your favourite stuff, straight to your phone.

Getting started

It’s really easy to get your 4G up and running. You just need a 4G phone or device, a 4G sim, 4G tariff, the latest software and coverage in your area. Take a look at the video below for a full rundown.

4G: O2 Guru TV

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4G explained

4G is up to five times faster than 3G, making it much easier to watch videos, play games, tweet and browse on your phone. Downloading a 10 minute video clip, which takes minutes over 3G, will take seconds on 4G.

Our 4G network will take over the frequency used by analogue terrestrial TV. This signal passes through walls more easily, so we'll be able to give you great indoor coverage.

However, 4G speeds will still vary depending on location and the number of people using the service. Check out the Ofcom website for more info.

Visit our 4G coverage checker to see coverage in your area, or register for updates to find out when it's coming to you.

You'll need a few things before you can get started with 4G:

  • A 4G phone or device from our range
  • A 4G sim (these come with all 4G phones sold since June 2013)
  • The latest software
  • 4G coverage
  • 4G tariff

For help getting set up for 4G, visit our 4G set-up assistant or check out our online store.

Live status checker

If you're having problems with your signal or mobile internet, take a look at our Live Status Checker to keep tabs on any faults in your area.

How to use the status checker

  • Go to our Live Status Checker page
  • Select your service: voice (phone calls), data (mobile internet) or text
  • Type in your postcode, address or nearby landmark

We'll show you live info about any problems with our 2G, 3G and 4G networks in your area. We update hourly, so issues might not show up immediately.

You can also use the status checker to find out about any maintenance work we're doing in your area, and when it'll be completed – check the table below the live info.