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Whether it’s getting breakfast on the house, strolling past queues at sold-out venues, snapping up special holiday rewards, or getting first dibs on gig tickets, Priority is your collection of exclusive rewards.

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Download the free Priority app or go to Priority online to start making the most of exclusive rewards, perks and experiences. We change it up for you every month – with a few surprises thrown in too.

Download the free Priority app now. Or if you’re withO2, text PRIORITY to 2020. 


What is Priority?

The O2 family means a lot to us – and we want to thank you for being part of it. That’s why we created our rewards app, Priority.


With Priority you can enjoy rewards, unique experiences and perks. All at no extra cost. Things like getting exclusive discounts on movie nights at the flicks or your favourite restaurants. Pick up daily treats while you’re out and about, without spending a penny. Or get 48-hour early access to thousands of nationwide gigs and events, through Priority Tickets.


And to keep things fresh, we update your rewards every month based on the things you love (with a few surprises thrown in, too).


Priority is for everyone on O2 – and since we joined forces with Virgin Media, Priority’s now also available to everyone with Virgin Media broadband.


You can access Priority on any phone or tablet connected to the internet, either by downloading the Priority app or going to Priority on the O2 website. The first time you visit, we’ll ask you to register your details so we can confirm you have an O2 number or a Virgin Media broadband account. You’ll also have the opportunity to enable settings like location services, that way you can see nearby rewards and perks at any time (and we can even text you when there’s something nearby we think you’ll like). 

What if my details have changed?

If you change your mobile number or lose your phone, you'll have to go through the Priority registration process and start again.

I’m having problems with my location

If your map thinks you're somewhere that you're not, the GPS might not be turned on. Go into Settings to check.

Sometimes your phone could still be showing its previous location while it finds you. Give it a minute or two and it should jump to your current location.

If you are inside a building, the phone might have a problem finding your exact location. It's the same if you're on the move - the phone can take a little while to catch up depending upon the speed you're travelling.

My Priority voucher isn’t working

If you have any problems with a voucher, or you find a voucher code doesn't work at the store or venue, tell the merchant or partner first - you'll find the details in the voucher small print.