Changes to our international calling rates

From 1 August the cost of calling some International destinations will change. The changes affect our UK and International Bundle out-of-bundle prices on Pay As You Go, and our International Bolt On prices on Pay Monthly. You can see the current and new prices for these destinations below. Prices for all other destinations are unchanged. All prices are pence per minute and include VAT.

Country Type Current price New price (from 1 August 2020)
Afghanistan Mobile 20p 23p
Alaska Fixed 4p 13p
Albania Fixed 17p 19p
Albania Mobile 42p 44p
Algeria Mobile 48p 70p
American Samoa Fixed 5p 4p
Antigua and Barbuda Fixed 24p 28p
Antigua and Barbuda Mobile 24p 28p
Argentina Mobile 22p 24p
Austria Fixed 2p 7p
Bahrain Fixed 12p 14p
Bahrain Mobile 13p 14p
Barbados Fixed 21p 23p
Barbados Mobile 22p 26p
Belarus Fixed 35p 37p
Belarus Mobile 36p 38p
Bhutan Fixed 15p 14p
Bhutan Mobile 14p 13p
Botswana Mobile 23p 27p
Burkina Faso Fixed 33p 40p
Burkina Faso Mobile 35p 39p
Cameroon Mobile 33p 36p
Chile Mobile 5p 7p
Congo Fixed 45p 53p
Congo Mobile 42p 51p
Costa Rica Fixed 10p 9p
Cote D'Ivoire Fixed 39p 46p
Cote D'Ivoire Mobile 36p 42p
Cyprus North Mobile 14p 18p
Democratic Republic of the Congo Fixed 50p 53p
Democratic Republic of the Congo Mobile 33p 47p
Dominican Republic Fixed 4p 8p
Dominican Republic Mobile 8p 11p
Ecuador Fixed 11p 17p
Egypt Fixed 9p 10p
Egypt Mobile 13p 15p
Ethiopia Fixed 24p 25p
Ethiopia Mobile 24p 29p
Falkland Islands Fixed 140p 160p
Falkland Islands Mobile 140p 160p
Faroe Islands Fixed 12p 11p
Finland Fixed 5p 8p
Ghana Fixed 27p 28p
Ghana Mobile 26p 28p
Greenland Fixed 48p 47p
Greenland Mobile 50p 49p
Guinea Fixed 42p 49p
Guinea Mobile 43p 48p
Guinea-Bissau Mobile 49p 70p
Hong Kong Fixed 3p 3p
India Fixed 2p 2.5p
India Mobile 2p 2.5p
Iraq Fixed 15p 16p
Iraq Mobile 20p 23p
Jamaica Mobile 22p 25p
Jordan Fixed 15p 17p
Jordan Mobile 18p 20p
Kenya Fixed 28p 32p
Kenya Mobile 15p 17p
Kosovo Fixed 17p 21p
Kosovo Mobile 43p 57p
Kyrgyzstan Fixed 17p 150p
Kyrgyzstan Mobile 28p 150p
Lebanon Fixed 14p 18p
Lebanon Mobile 17p 19p
Libya Mobile 33p 36p
Macedonia Fixed 14p 17p
Macedonia Mobile 34p 39p
Malawi Fixed 32p 35p
Malawi Mobile 36p 52p
Mauritius Fixed 15p 17p
Mauritius Mobile 15p 17p
Montenegro Fixed 25p 43p
Montenegro Mobile 32p 56p
Morocco Mobile 40p 46p
Namibia Fixed 15p 19p
Namibia Mobile 12p 19p
Nepal Fixed 14p 16p
Nepal Mobile 15p 19p
Norway Fixed 2p 9p
Papua New Guinea Mobile 80p 95p
Philippines Fixed 10p 11p
Philippines Mobile 13p 15p
Poland Fixed 1p 1.5p
Qatar Fixed 17p 18p
Russia Mobile 20p 21p
Rwanda Fixed 29p 30p
Rwanda Mobile 28p 31p
Saint Lucia Fixed 22p 25p
Saint Lucia Mobile 24p 29p
San Marino Fixed 22p 21p
Senegal Mobile 36p 37p
Serbia Fixed 14p 17p
Serbia Mobile 34p 39p
Seychelles Mobile 70p 75p
Solomon Islands Mobile 100p 200p
South Africa Fixed 10p 15p
South Africa Mobile 12p 19p
Swaziland Mobile 16p 24p
Syria Fixed 21p 27p
Syria Mobile 31p 40p
Thailand Mobile 7p 8p
Trinidad and Tobago Fixed 24p 31p
Trinidad and Tobago Mobile 24p 31p
Tunisia Fixed 59p 85p
Tunisia Mobile 70p 85p
Turkey Mobile 14p 18p
Uganda Fixed 31p 37p
Uganda Mobile 31p 34p
Ukraine Fixed 12p 15p
United Arab Emirates Fixed 15p 17p
United Arab Emirates Mobile 15p 17p
Uzbekistan Fixed 7p 11p
Uzbekistan Mobile 7p 12p
Venezuela Mobile 9p 11p
Zambia Fixed 37p 49p
Zambia Mobile 45p 48p
Zimbabwe Fixed 10p 15p
Zimbabwe Mobile 43p 46p