International Sim

Now comes with data

What is it?

Make UK calls to international mobiles and landlines from just 1p per minute with International Sim. Plus get O2 minutes, O2 texts and data.

Countries covered

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14 p/text

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Call 2202 for free or text INTSIM to 21300 to switch to International Sim.

Upcoming price changes


From 5 March 2019, we’ll be changing some of our rates for calling abroad. Take a look at the new rates below.

New landline rates
Country Rate before 5 March 2019 Rate from 5 March 2019
Albania 16p/min 17p/min
Armenia 20p/min 21p/min
Aruba 17p/min 21p/min
Barbados 20p/min 21p/min
Burkina Faso 31p/min 33p/min
Congo 44p/min 45p/min
Falkland Islands 130p/min 140p/min
Gabon 51p/min 53p/min
Georgia 19p/min 20p/min
Guinea-Bissau 52p/min 53p/min
Haiti 32p/min 33p/min
Kenya 25p/min 28p/min
Kosovo 16p/min 17p/min
Kyrgyzstan 16p/min 17p/min
Latvia 3p/min 4p/min
Macedonia 13p/min 14p/min
Malawi 31p/min 32p/min
Mauritania 44p/min 45p/min
Montserrat 29p/min 30p/min
Myanmar 26p/min 28p/min
Namibia 9p/min 15p/min
Netherlands Antilles 16p/min 17p/min
Niger 34p/min 37p/min
North Korea 170p/min 180p/min
Oman 25p/min 26p/min
Palestine 17p/min 18p/min
Qatar 16p/min 17p/min
Sao Tome and Principe 100p/min 110p/min
Senegal 38p/min 40p/min
Sierra Leone 45p/min 47p/min
South Africa 8p/min 10p/min
Syria 20p/min 21p/min
Trinidad and Tobago 23p/min 24p/min
Turkmenistan 10p/min 11p/min
Tuvalu 130p/min 140p/min
Uganda 30p/min 31p/min
United Nations 0p/min 1p/min
New mobile rates
Country Rate before 5 March 2019 Rate from 5 March 2019
Albania 40p/min 42p/min
Bolivia 17p/min 20p/min
Bosnia and Herzegovina 32p/min 36p/min
Botswana 22p/min 23p/min
Burkina Faso 32p/min 35p/min
Costa Rica 6p/min 7p/min
Cote D'Ivoire 35p/min 36p/min
Democratic Republic of the Congo 32p/min 33p/min
Ecuador 20p/min 21p/min
Egypt 12p/min 13p/min
Falkland Islands 130p/min 140p/min
Gabon 44p/min 48p/min
Guinea 42p/min 43p/min
Haiti 33p/min 34p/min
Jamaica 21p/min 22p/min
Kosovo 41p/min 43p/min
Mali 35p/min 37p/min
Mauritania 45p/min 47p/min
Micronesia 55p/min 57p/min
Montserrat 29p/min 30p/min
Morocco 39p/min 40p/min
Oman 31p/min 33p/min
Qatar 18p/min 19p/min
Russia 19p/min 20p/min
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 43p/min 44p/min
Sao Tome and Principe 100p/min 110p/min
Senegal 33p/min 36p/min
Serbia 33p/min 34p/min
Somalia 46p/min 48p/min
South Sudan 41p/min 42p/min
Syria 30p/min 31p/min
Trinidad and Tobago 23p/min 24p/min
Ukraine 23p/min 24p/min

Where do I start?

  • No fuss. Just top up and talk
  • No connection charges, hidden fees or vanishing minutes
  • Call over 200 countries. Rates apply for calls made from the UK

What else do I get?

Call International mobiles and landlines from 1p a minute, plus get O2 minutes, O2 texts and data. Picture messages (MMS) are not included and are charged at the standard rate of 50p per picture message.

Call charges are per minute. Per minute billing applies.

Monthly Top Up On top of your credit you get:
£10 3000 O2 texts and 100MB data
£15 + 3000 O2 texts, 3000 O2 minutes and 200MB data

Standard rates

Once you’ve used up your credit on Pay As You Go, you’ll be charged at the following rate for calling any of the countries listed above:

Type Cost per minute of call or per message
Landline £1.50 per min*
Mobile £1.50 per min*
Text message (SMS) 25p per text message
Picture message (MMS) 45p per picture message

*per minute billing applies, including a minute minimum cost.