The top five phone cameras for travelling

With cutting-edge camera features and slick editing capabilities, these smartphones will capture your holiday at its finest.

Travel can open our minds, expand our horizons and introduce us to sights more spectacular than anything we see in our day-to-day routines. Which means that when we’re on holiday, we want our smartphone camera to be capable of capturing our trip in all its glory – from the meals we eat to the beaches we visit and everything in between.

Some of the 24,351 photos we take on a week-long trip will end up on social media. Some may be printed and framed. Others will remain forever in our camera roll, where we’ll occasionally gaze at them and reminisce fondly. Whatever their destiny, we want them to look good.

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person holding a google pixel 7 pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro

If you prize crisp, detailed images above all else, Google Pixel 7 Pro is for you. The triple rear camera comes equipped with a 30x Super Res Zoom, which lets you take high-quality photos by zooming in – capturing sharp details even from far away. Macro Focus picks up on tiny details (think leaves on trees or the texture on a wall) without distracting from the subject of a photo. And the Magic Eraser feature lets you edit out aspects of a photo that you’d rather weren’t there (like a photobomber or a less-than-attractive pigeon).

person holding a samsung galaxy s23 ultra at a concert

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Thanks to a pro-grade 200MP rear camera, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra captures flawless, vivid photos even when the sun goes down. That’s thanks to an intelligent pixel sensor, which adapts to low light with Nightography mode. At the same time, the camera lens tones down flare (when a bright light, such as the moon or a streetlamp, creates a pale haze or starburst effect on a photo). Planning a holiday with lots of Big Nights Out™? Then this is the one for clear, atmospheric shots from dusk until dawn.

people taking a selfie with a motorola razr 40

Motorola Razr 40

Many of us will have fond memories of the original Motorola Razr from back in the day. Now, Motorola is tapping into the Y2K revival with Motorola Razr 40. This very modern flip phone has a massive external preview screen and a patented hinge that’s sturdy yet smooth. Prop it open to take hands-free photos and record videos at all angles. Fit more friends into selfies or snap dazzling views thanks to the Ultrawide lens. And with the Long Exposure effect, you can capture motion blurs, light trails and other cool effects to transform your holiday pics into works of art.

friends posing

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The most affordable option on this list, Samsung Galaxy A54 5G comes with not one, not two, but three cameras. Use the 50MP main camera for stunningly bright, clear pics when you’re out and about during the day. On a crowded beach or bustling piazza? OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) ensures photos and vids stay blur-free, even at frantic moments. For group shots and sunsets, switch to the 12MP ultra-wide camera. And finally, the Light Boost feature has you covered for perfect clarity in night-time photos. Save up to £144 on the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G if you buy a Pay Monthly plan before 30 August 2023. Terms and conditions apply.

people taking a selfie with a google pixel fold

Google Pixel Fold

Google Pixel Fold looks like a Pixel on the outside, but – you guessed it – folds out to reveal an expansive 7.6-inch screen. Its camera is equipped with Real Tone technology, which adjusts colour balance and lighting so that all skin tones are represented beautifully. Got a great photo that’s a little blurry? The Photo Unblur feature uses AI to sharpen things up. And if you want to take a group shot without roping in a stranger, you can set Pixel Fold on a surface in tabletop mode. Just set a timer and jump in the shot or say: “Hey Google. Take a photo.” (This works for timelapse videos, too, if you want to record a sunset.) Look, no hands!

Terms and conditions

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: £144 saving achieved by £4 per month discount on the 1GB, 5GB, 25GB, 30GB, 125GB, 150GB, Unlimited and Unlimited Plus Airtime Plans over 36 months. Offer ends 30 August 2023.

Published: 17 Aug 2023