What to do if you’re having network issues and what might be causing the problem. Plus other ways to stay connected.

What should I do if I’m having network connection issues?
  • Use our O2 network status checker to check if the nearby mast is working as sometimes, we may carry out maintenance work on it. Register your details on My Network Portal to get network status updates, so you'll know when it's been fixed.
  • If there aren’t any mast issues, try turning airplane mode off and on again in your device settings. This will refresh your connection.
  • You can still make calls when you have no signal by using Wifi and 4G Calling. Set up Wifi and 4G Calling and find out more.
  • To improve your connection, make sure your phone’s software and security settings are up-to-date. Use our device-specific troubleshooter for help.

Why does the status checker tell me the network is working fine, but I can't connect?

There are lots of things that may temporarily impact your service including weather, infrastructure, the number of people in your vicinity trying to connect, and whether we are yet to identify a local network issue.


Learn more about network congestion, a common network issue you might be experiencing.



If you’ve tried the steps above and are still having issues, you can report the problem through our status checker here or using the My Network app, so we can investigate it further.

Why does the coverage checker say I should have coverage in my area, but I don't?

The coverage checker is based on coverage predictions, and can never be 100% accurate because of things like trees, buildings and hills affecting actual coverage. We try to make sure our predictions are as accurate as possible and have edited the coverage checker to consider these coverage limitations.


Learn more about the ways different environments impact network coverage.


You can use the network status checker or the My Network app to check for any known issues with our network, or to report a problem.

What should I do if I have no signal?

Use our O2 network status checker to check if the nearby mast is working, as sometimes we may carry out maintenance work on it. Register your details on My Network Portal to get network status updates, so you'll know when it's been fixed.

If there aren’t any issues on the status checker, follow these next steps:

  • Make sure mobile data is turned on in your phone settings
  • Try and connect to a local WiFi hotspot
  •  If you have a spare phone, check if your sim works in it
  • After following all these steps, if you still can’t access the network, go to your phone settings and reset the network settings


If you need more advice and are still having connectivity issues, pop into your nearest O2 store where one of our team will happily help.


What is the My Network app?

Use the My Network app to keep an eye on your coverage, wherever you are. Download the app and you’ll be able to:

  • Check the status of our network in your area – you don’t even need to enter your postcode 
  • Test your network speeds
  • Report any issues with your service
  • Sign up to receive updates on any reported network issues.

It is simple to use and you can check the network right from your phone.


Learn more about how we monitor and fix your network issues.


Can I contact the emergency services?

You can contact the emergency services by dialling 999 from your O2 phone, as long as you are in range of our network. If you are not within range of our network, or if the network is not available for any reason, your device or mobile phone may try to use another mobile network to connect your call to the emergency services.

Depending on the device you use, your approximate location (using network, global positioning satellite network information and Wi-Fi data) may be provided to the emergency services via functionality built into the device.

What affects my signal? 

We know how important our network is to you and we always do our best to keep you connected. To keep improving our network, occasionally we have to carry out essential work, which may cause some problems. You can keep up to date by checking the network status checker.

There are also other factors that could affect your signal: 



Your signal will always be stronger outside. When you’re inside, signal strength will vary depending on the type of building you’re in.


Problems with your phone

Your signal might be worse if your battery is low, or if you’re due a software update. You won’t be able to get signal if your account has been suspended.



The closer to a mast you are, the stronger your signal will be. Things like trees and hills will also play a part.


Bad weather

Sometimes signal can be affected by extreme weather conditions, like strong winds or flooding.


Temporary structures

If there’s a crane or scaffolding around, you might find your signal is worse than usual in a certain area.



We occasionally have to carry out some work on our network, this might cause some problems with your signal.

Watch our ‘Know Your Network’ video to learn more about network coverage, capacity, and how we monitor and fix network issues.

Other ways to connect

Our network connects you to the people and things you love. Here are some of the ways to get a great experience, wherever you are.

O2 Wifi

Experiencing slow data speeds at a busy central location? See if you can connect to one of our 16,000+ free wifi hotspots, and boost your speed by up to 10x. Learn more about O2 Wifi.

Wifi and 4G Calling

No signal? No problem, with Wifi Calling. Whether you’re at home, in a coffee shop or at the office, if you’re having a signal problem, you can use Wifi to call as normal. And 4G calling lets you make calls over 4G, meaning clearer calls. Learn more about Wifi and 4G Calling.

Wifi on the Underground

O2 Customers can enjoy access to wifi on the Underground with Wifi Extra. Wifi Extra is available in ticket halls, walkways, on escalators and platforms at over 250 Tube stations – that’s over 95% of the London Underground network. Learn more about Wifi on the Underground.

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