London Underground wifi

Stay connected with wifi on the Tube

O2 customers can now enjoy access to to wifi on the London Underground – with Wifi Extra.

Wifi Extra is available in ticket halls, in walkways and on escalators and platforms at over 250 Tube stations – over 94% of the London Underground network.

Most current phones with an O2 sim will connect automatically. You just need to make sure your software's up to date, your wifi is switched on and that (if you're on Pay As You Go) you've topped up within the last 90 days. And you're good to go. Check if your device can auto connect.

If that doesn't work for you, you'll need to sign up to O2 Wifi first. This will give you access to thousands of hotspots across the UK as well as over 250 Underground stations in London. You can sign up at any of our O2 Wifi hotspots.

Get it in 3 easy steps

  1. Get O2 Wifi - Visit one of our thousands of hotspots and look for O2 Wifi in your wifi settings
  2. Once you've signed up, confirm which phone you'll be using
  3. Then, when you're using the London Underground, open your browser and select O2 from the drop down list

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Using wifi on the London Underground

Before you can use wifi on the Underground, you'll need to register for O2 Wifi. You can download the O2 Wifi app for IOS and Android or register in any one of our thousands of O2 Wifi hotspots.

Look out for stations with wifi on the Underground sign. Or view the list of all Underground stations with wifi.

To connect
  1. View your available wifi networks in your device's settings, and select Wifi Extra

  2. Open your web browser and select Other Providers

  3. Click on O2 from the drop down box, and enter your O2 mobile number into the box on the registration page

  4. Accept the terms and conditions and you're good to go - you'll be automatically connected to the network whenever you enter an Underground hotspot

If you can't use wifi on the Underground

While anyone can use O2 Wifi, you must be an O2 mobile customer to use wifi on the Underground. If you registered for O2 Wifi using a number from another network, then you won't be able to use wifi on the Underground.

To use wifi on the Underground, you'll need to ensure that your bills are up to date. If you're a Pay As You Go customer, then you'll need to have topped up at least once in the last 30 days. Once you top up, you'll be able to use the service again. You can find out ways to top up your phone here. It worth noting that it can take up to 30 minutes to register your top up.

If you want to change the number from the one you used to register for the service, then you'll need to delete your account and register with your new number. This can be done via the O2 wifi App, or by logging in to My O2 Wifi