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Understand your network coverage


Get status updates, report issues and test your data speeds.

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Understand your network coverage

With the My Network app you can keep an eye on your coverage, wherever you are. Download the app and you’ll be able to:

  • check the status of our network in your area – you don’t even need to enter your postcode
  • test your network speeds
  • report any issues with your service.

It’s simple to use and means that you can check the network without having to visit the main site or even enter a postcode.

Get the My Network app

Whether you're on an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, you can download the My Network app now.


What is the My Network app?

The My Network app lets you check the status of our network at any UK postcode. So if we’re having any outages or issues in the area, you’ll be able to find out. Having problems with your coverage? You can use the app to let us know about any issues you’ve had. And you can test your upload and download speeds too.

How does O2 use the information I give?

When you let us know about any problems with our coverage, we use the information to improve our network and understand how you use it.

Do I need to register?

No. You don't need to sign in to use the app. 

I’m still having problems with the network.

You might be able to fix the issue yourself. Try:

  • turning Airplane Mode on, then off again
  • charging your battery – a low battery can affect how well your phone connects to the network
  • selecting the network manually in your settings, and making sure data is switched on
  • checking your device is running off the latest software version
  • checking your sim is 4G/5G enabled – if it’s not, you won’t be able to connect to our data network.

If you’re having issues in different areas, try your sim in a different O2 device. If the problem stops, there’s an issue with your device. And if a different O2 sim works in your device, then there’s a problem with your sim.

If your device and sim seem to be okay, keep an eye on the My Network app. It can take up to an hour for updates to appear.

Need help with any of these tips? Check out our internet and network coverage troubleshooter. Just choose your device and follow the steps.

If it turns out that your device or sim is the problem, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.