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What is a Box on Board?
Your Box on Board or box is a small telematics device, the size of a smartphone, which is discretely fitted to your car and sends your driving data to us. This data is used to help put together your safe driving score, which you can see on the O2 Drive app.

How it works
The box measures your acceleration, braking, any speeding and the time of day you are driving using GPS. This information is sent to the O2 Drive app and gives you a score so you can see how well you’re driving and get tips on how to improve.

Getting the box installed
The telematics box is fitted to the side of your battery, to which it’s connected. It uses very little power, so shouldn’t affect the operation or life of your car battery.

We’ll come to your home or work to install your Box on Board device, it’ll take around 30 minutes to fit. You’ll be asked to book an appointment to get your box fitted when you buy the policy.

The box needs to be fitted within 14 days of the policy start date for your policy to remain valid.
If you need to confirm or change any arrangements, call us on 0330 018 0802. There’ll be a charge of £20 for cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment or missed appointments.

Removing the box
For the duration of your cover with O2 Drive - Box on Board, you must continue to use the box. If you don’t want to have the box any more, call us on 0330 018 0802 to review your options.

If you’re changing cars, you’ll need to have a new O2 Drive - Box on Board installed for an additional cost. Please call us on 0330 018 0802 to go through your options. Refer to your terms and conditions for details.

The box belongs to you. So when your policy comes to an end, you can either leave the box in place (it will no longer transmit data after your policy is cancelled), or have it removed at your own cost – this is a very simple procedure.

Red and black flags
Red and black flags apply to O2 Drive – Box on Board policies.

Red flags are notifications from us, to you where you may need to take action. For example, your mileage is close to exceeding the estimate or if there is a problem with the O2 Drive - Box on Board. See policy documents for details.

Black flags are notifications from us, to you when, either your average driving score for any month falls below our acceptable limit or the box has been removed. Three black flags within a rolling 6 month period would result in your policy being cancelled. See policy documents for full details of circumstances where a black flag might be applied.

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