Get top 4G multiplayer games. Free. Only on O2

Love gaming? O2 4G customers with Android phones can exclusively play brilliant multiplayer games from Gameloft. So you can play games such as Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4 and Zombiewood with your friends or others around the world when you're on the move.

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Asphalt 8 – Put your pedal to the metal with the latest high-adrenaline racing game

See Asphalt 8 trailer

A team of elite soldiers is all that stands between total global devastation after nuclear attack. Can you rescue the world's leaders from terrorists?

See Modern Combat 4 trailer

Lights. Camera. Zombies. It's time to slaughter the evil undead on the streets of Los Angeles.

See Zombiewood trailer

Not on 4G?

Not on 4G? We've got loads of other games from available for you to check out. With titles from EA Games and Gameloft including:

  • The Amazing Spiderman
  • Dispicable Me Minion Rush
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Shark Dash
  • EA Fifa 13
  • Tetris
  • The Sim 3
  • Plants Vs Zombies

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can play these games over 4G?

    Only O2 customers with Android phones and on a 4G tariff are able to access our 4G network and therefor play these games. The games are specific versions created for O2 by Gameloft and they have to be purchased from our store only.

  • What devices are the games playable on?

    The full list of devices includes:

    • Samsung GS3 LTE
    • Samsung GS4
    • Sony Xperia Z
    • HTC One
    • Sony Xperia SP
    • Xperia Z Tablet (4G/wifi)
    • HTC One Mini
    • Samsung GS4 Mini
    • Samsung Galaxy Mega
  • Why do I need a 4G signal to play these games – can I not play on 3G?

    In order to ensure a high quality playing experience you need a fast network. To ensure your connection is fast enough we will check you have a 4G signal before you are allowed to connect. If the signal drops temporarily to 3G then you will be able to continue to play (and we don't want to stop your game!) though performance may deteriorate.

  • Can I play these games over wifi?

    Yes, in fact the game will automatically connect over wifi by default if you are connected. If you are not on wifi but have a 4G connection you will then be offered the opportunity to connect

  • Who can I play against?

    You can play against anybody who owns this game regardless of where they purchased it from. They can be connected over wifi ...or 4G if they bought it from the O2 Games store. The Gameloft community contains millions of members worldwide and you will never have a problem finding someone to play against live.

  • How do I connect in to play multiplayer?

    It varies slightly in each game but in general you'll need to sign in to the game (first time) using either a Facebook log in, a Google + log in or a Gameloft Live account log in. You can create the Gameloft Live account while logging in. Choose the 'multiplayer' option and then click 'online' to connect via wifi or 4G.

    If you connected on wifi the game will automatically connect you that way, if you don't have wifi connection a check will be made to check you have a 4G signal at point of trying to connect to the game.

    There are lots of different options you can choose - some where you can set up play against a specific group or 'party', some where you can choose different styles of co-operatitve or competitive games.

  • How do I set up a multiplayer game specifically with my friends?

    It varies by game but you can invite your friends to play with you. If you want to play them there and then we suggest you text or call them to get them online. Then you can play away with them... or against them!

    If your friends don't have O2 4G they just need to connect over wifi. You, however are part of the select group who can play wherever you also have a 4G signal.

  • I am getting 'connection error' messages why is this?

    Could be two things 1) the connection to Gameloft server has 'timed out' or 2) you are not connected on a 4G signal when you try to connect. Although in some cases you will be able to continue playing if you have a strong 3G signal, we insist on starting with a good 4G signal in order to ensure you get a top level playing experience

  • Is all data for these games free?

    Data used to download the games is not included. However, the initial set-up installation needs to be done on wifi as it is a very large file - and this is the most stable way to ensure a large download. Once you have downloaded and installed the game you can play away with no concerns of data charges. In order to check your data usage stats we always recommend using MyO2 for the most up-to-date and accurate reading.

  • Why do I have to install the game over wifi?

    The games file is very large and in order to provide the most stable download connection experience this first step is best done on a wifi connection.

  • I don't have access to wifi at home how can I install the game?

    There are many places where you can use public wifi including coffee shops, libraries etc. In addition O2 Wifi is now the second largest provider of free hotspots in the UK. To find your nearest one got to

  • I have already bought these games elsewhere... why can't I play 4G multiplayer on them?

    These 4G multiplayer games are exclusive versions made for O2 by Gameloft. If you want to play over 4G you will have to download these versions from the O2 store. However, we want you to enjoy Glorious 4G on O2 so If you have already purchased these games (either from O2 or elsewhere) we will send you a replacement version. To benefit from this please Contact us and we will get one of our exclusive versions sent to you.

  • How do Game purchases appear on my bill?

    The games themselves are paid for by premium SMS. Customers will see a line item on their bill under the name 'Gameloft Games'

    There are additional optional purchases available within these games and if you choose to make these you will also be billed by Premium SMS.