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  • Make calls even when you've got no signal, with TU Go

    TU Go lets you text, call and check your voicemail over wifi. Even if you don't have signal.

    You can also:

    • use your O2 number on more devices
    • text and call anyone over wifi - they don't even need the app
    • connect over wifi when you're abroad, and call and text at UK rates
    • get your calls and texts on your tablet or laptop when your phone's out of battery.

    Download for free now and we'll send you a text to get started. TU Go is currently available for Pay Monthly and business customers.

    Get the TU Go app now or find out more.

  • 2G, 3G, 4G and other jargon


    Second generation mobile network known as GSM. Simply put, 2G allows you to send text messages.


    The third generation of mobile phone technology, offering better coverage for voice calls and text messaging, as well as providing faster access to the internet. All of our tariffs come with 3G as standard.


    Also known as HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access), 3.5G provides faster data rates than 3G.


    The fourth generation of mobile phone technology. With 4G, using the internet on your phone is even quicker, with speeds 5-7 times faster than 3G. If you have a 4G ready phone, but you’re not in a 4G area, you’ll still be able to use 3G.

    Cellular network

    The radio network used to send and receive calls and messages, and use the internet.

    O2 Wifi

    A fast, free wifi service available to everyone. You just download the app, and you’ll be connected to O2 Wifi whenever you’re in a hotspot.


    You can connect to the internet using wifi, to browse the web, download applications, or send and receive emails, without using your 3G or 4G data.

    O2 Pocket Hotspot

    A portable gadget that connects you and up to four other people or devices to the internet, when there’s O2 mobile data coverage. The O2 Pocket Hotspot automatically connects to our mobile network as soon as you insert a Pay As You Go sim.

Data reception and speeds may not be as good indoors or in a car. Signal can also be affected by buildings, trees and even weather conditions. This map is just a guide and does not guarantee signal coverage.