O2 Wifi

Fast, easy and reliable.

O2 Wifi
  • Free wifi when you're out and about.
  • For everyone
How to get O2 Wifi

Get online with O2 Wifi. For free

Checking emails. Uploading photos to Facebook. Watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Whatever you’re into, surf it for free on O2 Wifi.

  • It’s up to 10 times faster than a normal mobile connection
  • There's no need to eat into your mobile data
  • Once you’re signed up, that’s it. You'll connect automatically whenever you’re near one of our hotspots
  • Most O2 customers will automatically be connected through Wifi Extra

And it's not just for O2 customers; O2 Wifi is free for everyone, no matter who your mobile contract's with.

How to get O2 Wifi

You can get O2 Wifi on your smartphone, tablet or laptop in thousands of locations nationwide including; McDonalds, Debenhams, Costa Coffee, House of Fraser, Café Rouge and many more. Plus, most O2 customers, will be connected automatically with Wifi Extra. Find out more

Simply visit one of our hotspots and look for O2 Wifi in your wifi settings. Or download the O2 Wifi app for free to locate the ones closest to you. If you’ve got an Android or Windows Phone device, you can also use the app to register wherever you are.

How to connect to O2 Wifi