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Small Business O2 Mobile Broadband and Data Only Tariff Terms from 11 December 2023

1. General

I. These are our business mobile broadband and data only tariff terms (“Small Business Mobile Broadband and Data Only Tariff Terms”) for small business customers from 11 December 2023. They’ll apply to you if you have signed up to one of the tariffs set out below or upgraded your device and signed up for a new minimum term or changed the tariff you’re on (or elements of it) at any time on or after 11 December 2023.

II. If you haven’t done one of these things, the tariff terms when you signed up, last upgraded or changed your tariff will still apply until you do or until we contact you to tell you otherwise. These Business Mobile Broadband and Data Tariff Terms are in addition to your contract, which can be found here (“Business Contract”). The capitalised terms used but not defined in these Business Mobile Broadband and Data Tariff Terms have the meaning given to them in your Business Contract (defined above).

III. In these terms, "you" means you the Customer, and "your" shall be interpreted accordingly, while "we", "our", "us" or "O2" means Telefónica UK Ltd.

IV. These Business Mobile Broadband and Data Only Tariff Terms relate to the following Tariff Types (the “Tariff Type”):
a.   Small biz data only tariffs (“Small Biz Data Only”) 
b.   Mobile broadband sim only tariffs (“MBB Sim Only”) 

V. Within each Tariff Type, there are a number of tariffs to choose from which will have different allowances and/or features  e.g., data roll-over for 10GB and above (“Tariff”). Each Tariff may also be associated with device(s) or hardware fund contribution for a period of time.

VI. Connection to any of the Tariffs may be subject to status, credit-check, fraud check, affordability assessment and the terms of a 30 day, 12- or 24-month Minimum Period.

VII. If you have subscribed to the 30 day MBB Sim Only Tariff Type (MBB Sim Only Tariff with no Minimum Period) you may give us written notice that you wish to end your 30 day MBB Sim Only  contract or change plan at any time, and this will be effective 30 days after we receive your notice. You will be required to pay the applicable monthly charge for your MBB Sim Only plan until the end of this 30-day notice period. MBB Sim Only Tariffs with a Minimum Period are subject to the same terms as the Tariffs save in respect of any device/equipment related provisions. Device upgrades are not available on MBB Sim Only plans.

VIII. If you take a Business Data SIMO Tariff, your current device may be latched/locked to another network and you may need to obtain an unlatching/unlocking code from your current network operator and service provider. This code is not the same as your PIN code. Failure to enter the correct unlatching code may result in your mobile phone becoming permanently blocked. We accept no responsibility for devices blocked in this way or for any costs incurred in the provision of this code.

IX. Unless otherwise stated, call prices exclude VAT.

X. In addition to the terms of your Business Contract, for your device/equipment supplied from 11 December 2023 with one of the Tariffs we warrant that the device/equipment will conform in all material respects to the manufacturer’s specification from the date on which it is dispatched to you for 12 months or for the duration of your Minimum Period, whichever is longer, up to a total maximum warranty period of 24 months (but in the case of software 90 days). Some devices and equipment, is expressly excluded from this extended warranty period.

XI. To access O2’s data services your device/equipment must be data compatible and enabled. Access to data services is subject to network coverage.

XII. Prices are correct at time of going to print but are subject to change.

XIII. Customers taking E Care and E Billing plans must maintain an email account.

XIV. Alternatively you can pay to receive an itemised paper bill at an additional cost of £1.00 per month, per customer.

XV. In the event of a change of tariff, any unused inclusive data will be lost.

XVI. Itemised paper billing is not included as standard. An itemised breakdown of data can be viewed for no charge online by registering for O2’s My O2 Business here.

XVII. We sometimes receive the details of Charges from another network late. Any late Charges which relate to a previous billing month will be highlighted on your bill.

 XVIII. Customers who wish to pay by payment methods, other than Direct Debit, will be charged a direct debit opt out charge of £2.50 per month, per customer.

XIX. Spend Caps
a. If you are a new or upgrading customer on or after 1 October 2018 and subscribing to an eligible tariff, you can apply a Spend Cap to your bill to help control your spend on out of bundle charges. Any chargeable usage outside of your monthly allowance or outside of any Bolt On allowance will count towards your Spend Cap. Once you use up your Spend Cap any additional chargeable usage will be barred.
b. You can set your Spend Cap at £0, £5, £10, £15, £20, £30, £50, £75, £100 and £200.
c. The Spend Cap includes any chargeable usage outside of your monthly allowance or outside of any Bolt On allowances such as:
i. additional calls, texts and data usage when your standard bundle or Bolt On allowance has run out;
ii. calling and texting non-geographical or premium rate numbers aside from those premium rate numbers used for charitable donations which sit outside your
Spend Cap, as set out below;
iii. calling and texting any international number from the UK;
iv. calling and texting any number outside of our Europe Zone (excluding the UK) when you are in our Europe Zone;
v. calling, texting and using data when you are in a country which is outside of our Europe Zone (excluding the UK);
vi. calling directory enquiry services; and
vii. the charge you pay to O2 for accessing any third-party services.
d. The following Charges do not count towards your Spend Cap:
i. recurring charges towards your Airtime Plan, Device Plan, and insurance;
ii. any Bolt On charges which you opt-in to;
iii. any charitable donations made from your phone;
iv. charge to Mobile such as buying digital contents and apps from your phone;
v. any charges relating to the management of your account which includes but is not limited to paper bills, itemised paper bills and late payment fees; and
e. For further details relating to Send Caps please see here.

XX. Auto – Switch
You are able to switch up to 24 connections to another provider by calling us, using a free text service (available for switching of 1 connection only), via webchat, via your My O2 Business Account or by sending us an email. We will then send you your PAC or STAC and Switching Information related to the numbers that you would like to switch. If you decide to switch, the 30 days’ notice period will not apply and you will be able to switch as soon as you use your PAC or STAC. Please note that you will still have to pay Termination Fee in accordance with your agreement and Auto Switch does not apply if you would like to switch more than 25 connections. STAC means Switching Termination Authorisation Code provided to you by O2 if you request to switch but not to retain your existing number. 
PAC means Porting Authorisation Code provided to you by O2 if you request to switch and retain your existing number.
Switching Information means Termination Fee in relation to the services that you are switching.
For further details related to Auto Switch please see here.

XXI. Data Rollover
On selected Tariffs, unused data from one monthly billing cycle will automatically rollover into the next monthly billing cycle. You can only rollover up to 100% of your standard monthly data allowance (“Data Rollover”) into the following month, subject to the amount of Data Rollover and standard monthly allowance not exceeding 200% of your standard monthly data allowance at any one time. Any data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Your rolled over data will be decremented before your core data allowance for that billing cycle.
Data Rollover is included on selected tariffs with a data allowance of 6GB of data or more only, excluding any special or promotional tariffs. For example: 2GB tariffs with triple data offers and 3GB tariffs with double data offers are not eligible for data rollover.
For avoidance of doubt, Data Rollover is not available on any Individual Data Bolt Ons, Best for Business tariffs, Mobex, Unlimited and any Business Shared tariffs with an individual data allowance. When you decide to change your Tariff such as upgrade, request more or less data allowances, any unused data will not rollover to the new tariff.

XXII. Business Flex Tariffs
During the Minimum Period, Tariffs can be changed to an alternative Tariff subject to the following:

a)    the Tariff you change to was available on the Commencement Date. 
b)    the Tariff change is in the same Tariff Type as the original Tariff Type you selected on the Commencement Date, excluding any promotional tariffs and any discounts. You cannot change Tariff Types when flexing Tariffs. 
c)    each year, the applicable RPI+3.9% price change applies to the Rental Charge for the Tariff Type and to the amount flexed between the Tariffs. For example, in April of Year 1, where a customer on a Small Biz Data Only Tariff Type flexes from a 2GB to a 5GB Tariff, if the RPI Rate was 3% plus 3.9% would provide a 36.9% increase, this shall apply to the Rental Charge of £20 (£21.38) and also to the Rental Charge of the Tariff they are moving to, £21 (£22.44) and the flex amount of £1 (£1.06). In April of Year 2, the previous year’s Rental Charge (£22.44) (and any further flex amount) shall be subject to the applicable RPI +3.9% price change. 
d)    Tariff changes can be requested from 30 days after the Commencement Date.
e)    you can make one Tariff change per billing cycle. 
f)    when a Tariff change is made, it will be implemented no later than the last day of the billing cycle following the change, and the applicable Rental Charge and allowances shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis. 
g)    Tariff changes can be made on request to O2. If the initial connection was completed via a business selling O2 products and services in partnership with O2 (“O2 Partner”), then the Tariff changes must be requested by contacting your O2 Partner. 
h)    any Termination Fees will be calculated based on the price of the Tariff in use at the time of giving notice to terminate. Tariffs cannot be changed after a notice to terminate has been given. 

i)    any unused inclusive data will not roll over if a Tariff is changed to an alternative Tariff. 

j)    any additional services provided with the Tariff which require a full contractual commitment, may only be available while you remain on the original Tariff. They will be permanently lost when a Tariff is changed and will not be reinstated if the Tariff is subsequently transferred back to the original qualifying Tariff. 

k)    any promotions (included but not limited to double data, a number of months for a discounted price, or a recurring credit) are only available while you remain on the original Tariff. They will be permanently lost when a Tariff is changed and will not be reinstated if the Tariff is subsequently transferred back to the original qualifying Tariff. 

l)    the Customer can change to any of the Tariffs listed below, provided it is the same Tariff Type. For example, illustrated in the table below, the Customer can change (or flex) from a 2GB Small Biz Data Only tariff to a 5GB Small Biz Data Only tariff for an extra £1.00 per billing cycle. Each year, the applicable RPI price change shall apply to the Rental Charge as well as the £1.00 flex amount from April. 

Small Biz Business Data Only (“Small Biz Data Only”):

Data allowance












+£3.00 +£5.00


l) All Customers with a MBB Sim Only Tariff Type can change to a Tariff of the same Tariff Type, with a larger data allowance and back to a smaller data allowance. However, the Customer cannot change their Tariff to one that has a lower base data allowance or monthly subscription price than the original Tariff. If the original tariff had a data promotion (for example double data) applied to it, the base data allowance is before the promotion (for example if the Customer has a 4GB allowance on a 2GB double data, the base data allowance is 2GB).

The Rental Charge to change to between the Tariffs is cumulative on the base Rental Charge for 2GB.

MBB SIM Only Tariff

Data allowance





30 day




12 month £11.00 £15.00 £19.00 £26.00
24 month £9.00 £13.00 £17.00 £25.00


2. Data Usage

I. Your tariff includes a monthly data allowance which allows you to use data in the UK and in our Europe Zone data network via your mobile phone (internet capable and/or Wi-Fi accredited phones only). If you exceed your monthly allowance you will be charged out of bundle data charges of 3p per MB. Please see our Fair Usage Policy for more details. Extra data Bolt On’s are available here.

II. Data usage is measured in kilobytes (KB). 1MB = 1024 Kilobytes (KB), 1024 MB =1 Gigabyte (GB). Data usage will be rounded to the nearest kilobyte and charges are rounded up to the nearest 1p. You are billed for the amount of data that you send (upstream data) or receive (downstream data). Your data usage will also include any data packet headers as well as the data payload itself. If the data packet is encrypted this may add additional data consumption. The proportion of data usage consumed by the header and payload depends greatly on what application is being used and what data is being sent. Any data usage consumed by the Domain Name Server (“DNS”) protocol will not form part of your chargeable usage. Your data usage may also include charges for re-sent data packets and packets added to control the flow of data over the network.
Some data services for vulnerable customers are free of charge and don't use up data from your inclusive allowance. More details can be found here.

III. Regardless of the amount of data you use, you must not use your SIM Card:
a. in, or connected to, any device other than the one which it was supplied with or intended by us for use with (for example a mobile phone simplicity tariff SIM Card is intended for use in a mobile phone not a modem (this includes putting your SIM Card into a modem);
b. contrary to our Fair Usage Policy; or
c. in such a way that we reasonably believe adversely impacts the service to other O2 customers.

IV. If your device/equipment supports internet-tethering then this will be included in your data allowance and internet-tethering usage will be part of your monthly data allowance, subject to our Fair Usage Policy.

V. We reserve the right to use appropriate traffic-shaping, charges or throttling measures to protect our network from types of data usage which we think might impact on levels of service for customers at specific times of day and/or in specific locations.

VI.    If you are using your Equipment abroad and outside of our Europe Zone then additional charges will apply in accordance with the General Conditions for Business. If you use Services abroad, it will usually take longer to be billed. It's best to check the cost of using your Equipment abroad before you travel. Accidental roaming might occur if you are in an area close to national borders because your Equipment picks up a network across the border. If this happens, you may be charged as though you were roaming on an international network. You can prevent this if you are near a national border by setting your Mobile Phone or other Equipment (as applicable) to do a manual network selection and select the 'O2' Network. For more information about using our Service abroad, please visit your nearest O2 store or