Ways to make the most of My O2

Our flagship app has loads of special features you might not have discovered. So here’s what else you can do in My O2 that you didn’t know about

You probably already know that you can use My O2 to keep track of your spending - including how much data you’ve been using - and buying Bolt Ons if you’re running low. But the app offers much more than simply managing your bills and allowances.

We’re always introducing cool updates, features and exclusives. It’s worth logging in occasionally to see what’s new. Read on for three clever ways you can make the most of My O2 right now.

person using my o2 on their phone

Find O2 WiFi hotspots

Need the internet when you’re out and about? Thanks to 14,000 O2 WiFi hotspots across the UK, you don’t have to drain your data allowance to get online while on the move. And the best part? It’s on us. Just register for O2 WiFi at one of our hotspots, and you’ll be able to connect automatically at any of our thousands available. Smooth.

person using my o2 on their phone

View your Refresh Plan

It’s easy to lose track of when exactly you’re due a mobile upgrade. But if you’ve got a handset with us, you can use My O2 to check your Refresh Plan, which will tell you exactly when you can get a shiny new phone. Put that date in your diary and start mulling over what model you’d like next…

person using my o2 on their phone

Access exclusive discounts and rewards

My O2 is packed with savings and benefits you can’t get anywhere else. Our new Feel Good Shopping feature with Kindred (available on iOS only) lets you earn money to use on supporting eco initiatives while enjoying discounts at over 70% of the UK’s top online retailers.

Don’t forget: you can also access Airtime Rewards for money off your phone bill while shopping with over 100 brands. You can claim rewards whether you’re eating out, shopping online or on the high street, or doing the weekly shop. Simply sign up in My O2. Another way we’re helping your money go further.