Celebrate Earth Day with O2

Our Feel Good shopping feature makes your money go further while making a difference in the fight against climate change

Want to save cash while helping the planet? Then look no further than our Feel Good Shopping feature, powered by Kindred. Available in the My O2 app, Feel Good Shopping isn’t just about scoring great deals – it’s about making a lasting impact on our planet and its people.

Since its launch in 2022, this innovative shopping extension has been instrumental in driving positive change and building a more sustainable future for us all. Customers who have purchased through Feel Good Shopping have helped to plant 855,070 trees and counting, which in turn has offset 21,377 tonnes of CO2. That’s equivalent to driving 96,727,376 miles in a car or saving 64,130 square metres of Arctic sea ice!

How is that possible? Well, with every purchase you make through Feel Good Shopping, a tree is planted. That’s right – for each item you buy a new tree takes root. And in honour of Earth Day on 22 April 2024 , we’re doubling up on this commitment and planting two trees for every purchase made on the day.

But there’s more to Feel Good Shopping than just planting trees. It’s about helping you stretch your budget further while supporting sustainability. Say farewell to endless searches for discounts because this nifty extension curates the best offers from your favourite retailers, ensuring you get great eco-conscious deals without the hassle.

person holding a phone in a coffee shop

How do I get started?

Available to all our customers, the Feel Good Shopping feature is powered by Kindred, a brilliant social enterprise that uses technology to help support conscious consumption. Feel Good Shopping is supported across Android, iPhone and desktop browsers. You can activate it by logging into the My O2 app and then navigating to the Account section, where you’ll be prompted to add the Kindred extension to your browser. Once you’ve successfully activated it, you’re ready to start saving.

How do I use Feel Good Shopping?

Once the Kindred extension has been activated, you’ll automatically see coupons and deals pop up when you shop online from your mobile or desktop browser with certain retailers. So far, we’ve joined forces with over 50,000 online shops including big name brands such as ASOS, Marks & Spencer and Nike, so there are plenty of great deals to choose from without any hassle. Over time, you can also track how many trees you’ve helped to plant, or how much carbon you’ve offset, through your “wallet” in the My O2 app.

Does Feel Good Shopping help the planet?

Feel Good Shopping isn’t all about thrifty purchases. It’s also a chance to amplify your impact and make a difference in the fight against climate change. Kindred has also partnered with Earthmark which gives Feel Good Shopping retailers a 0-5 sustainability score or “leaf rating”. This makes conscious consumerism easier than ever. Plus, you can earn credit through your purchases to support independently verified sustainable projects all over the world, including reforestation and carbon offsetting initiatives.


Funds raised through the Feel Good Shopping feature have also helped support those facing challenges closer to home. Kindred’s partnership with award-winning environmental charity Hubbub has helped vulnerable people across the UK take a meaningful step forward by providing 100 smartphones with free data, calls and texts to charities supporting refugees and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Published: 8 April 2024