O2 Guru's guide to OnePlus 6 photography

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Why settle for lacklustre pictures when you could become a master photographer?

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Hints and tips from an O2 Guru

Graeme Gallagher is an O2 Guru based in Liverpool. He works with customers every day, helping them make the most of their phones. Read his tips on how to get the best out of the OnePlus 6 camera.


Dive into OnePlus 6’s settings to upgrade your smartphone pictures

You could quite easily leave your OnePlus 6 on automatic and still take plenty of good photographs but, with so many features to enhance your experience, it would be a shame not to jump in and discover the game changing settings at your fingertips. But where to start? Let our O2 Guru lead the way.


Take happier selfies

Taking a selfie can be a bit of an awkward manoeuvre, especially when you’re struggling to reach the shutter button, holding the phone and trying to look relaxed. The OnePlus 6 comes equipped with a handy feature which means you can trigger a selfie just by smiling. Happy snapping!


You can turn Smile Capture on in the camera settings menu.


Customise Bokeh shapes

Bokeh is about to the quality of the unfocused or blurry part of a photo. The OnePlus 6 allows you to turn unfocused light in the background into objects such as circles, hearts and stars.


With the camera app open, select Portrait mode and tap on the Bokeh icon in the top right.


Rule of thirds

Want to take an eye-catching landscape picture? Add a grid with two horizontal lines and two verticals. Place the horizon along the lowest horizontal line. Now, line up the subject of your picture where the bottom horizontal line meets either of the vertical lines. You should get a much more interesting picture than having your subject slap bang in the middle.


In camera settings, you’ll find Grid. It'll give you a few options to play with.


Get quick access to the camera

Photography is all about timing. When the planets align for that golden opportunity, you need to be ready with your camera. Fortunately, OnePlus 6 allows you to open the camera at a moment’s notice, simply by pressing the phone’s power button twice.


Go into System settings > Buttons and you’ll find “Press power button twice for camera” which you should toggle to the on position.


Add geotagging

If, like Neil Andrews, you’re the kind of person who likes to go out exploring, you might end up snapping a special picture without remembering where it was taken. Fortunately, the OnePlus 6 has its own breadcrumb trail in the form of location data, so you’ll always be able to find where your photos are - whether on your phone or in real life.



In the same settings menu as above, simply toggle the Store location data button.


Lock focus and exposure in place

This is useful if you’re concentrating on a subject in a picture with a background full of movement. The camera can easily keep changing focus and the subject is lost.


Press down on the screen over your subject and the AE (Auto Exposure) /AF (Auto Focus) lock will keep focus and exposure locked on the subject, no matter what’s happening.


Adjust colour temperature

Chances are that you’ll be reviewing your pictures on your phone screen, so it’s a good idea to find a display style you’re happy with. Whether you like things a cool blue or a summery yellow, you can customise your screen colour.


Go to Settings > Display > Screen calibration to access the colour balance slider.


Add your watermark to pictures

If you want to show off your latest masterpiece, you can even apply your own watermark. Your photos will be tagged with “Shot on OnePlus by [your name]” in the bottom corner.


You’ll find this option in the settings menu accessible from the camera app.

O2 Sessions is here to help you unlock the power of your handset. Learn from expert photographer Neil Andrews how to get the most from your OnePlus 6 camera.

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