A summer of festivals

Supercharge it with your smartphone

Choose the right apps and kit to make your festival experience even more epic. Read on for our tips and tricks.

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Make the most of now

Festivals are all about living in the moment. Chilling out with friends in the sunshine. Mucking about in the mud. Dancing to your favourite acts, right there in front of you. It’s all live, live, live. So you won’t be needing your smartphone much, right? Not quite. Here’s how your phone could help you take festivalling to the next level.


So, what can you do with your smartphone?


Plan ahead

Get the apps and kit you need for the perfect festival


Share the love

Take pics or videos to share with friends


Just chill out

Your phone’s got you covered


Plan your festival

There’s a lot to be said for going with the flow, but a bit of pre-festival planning’s likely to pay off. Festvl is a handy app for iOS devices. Use it to check out the line-up, get a taste of unknown artists and plan who you’re going to see. You’ll even get an alert when your favourite bands are taking to the stage, to make sure you don’t miss out. The other thing to plan in advance is your journey. If you’re going by train, make sure you’ve got the right music or movies on your phone, so you can just kick back and enjoy the ride. The Trainline app will also help you make sure your journey goes to plan. And you might even save some cash if you book early enough.


Be in the know

There’s not much that gets a crowd more worked up than a secret set. Chances are people will be talking about it for years to come – don’t only hear about it once it’s over. Keep an eye on Twitter to be among the first to know what’s going on. And while you’re likely to know a lot of the tracks you’ll hear at the festival, if something new rocks your world use Soundhound to find out what it is. If a mystery song gets stuck in your head after the gig, you can even sing or hum it into the app – depending on your musical ability.


Your phone’s got your back

There are so many ways your phone can help you stay safe at a festival. Download the Find My Friends app so no one’s ever left flying solo – just hide your location so no one knows you went to see that not-so-cool band after all. And Boutique Camping Tent Finder (iOS) and Festival Buddy (Android) will help you find your little canvas palace at any time of the day or night. Being armed with the right apps can give you peace of mind, and none more so than the First Aid app by the British Red Cross. Anything that can go wrong in the real world can also happen in the festival bubble, so while you’re unlikely to need to use this app, it’s great to have it in your back pocket.


Protect your precious smartphone

Your phone is one of the most useful things you can pack for a festival. But it’s probably also one of your most prized possessions, so you’ll want to keep it safe. With a decent waterproof case, you can sit on your tallest mate’s shoulders and wave your phone about in the rain. And if you drop it, it’s got the best possible chance against the mud. And the wellies. But if the very thought of that sends shivers down your spine, you’ve got other options. Why not grab a low cost smartphone with a Pay As You Go sim? The moto c gives you all the benefits of a phone at the festival, with none of the worry. And when the fun’s over, just pop it in your drawer until the next gig.


Get the most out of your phone

It’s worth thinking about accessories that’ll help you get the most out of your phone at the festival. The Belkin Pocket Power 10K Power Bank lets you charge your phone up to three times, without going near a socket. And a portable speaker is a must to crank out tunes around the campfire. The Kitsound Mini Buddy is super portable and surprisingly loud for its size. And it even comes with a keyring attachment, so it’s perfect for adventures – just clip it on your rucksack and go.

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