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Choose the right kit and apps to make your festival experience even more epic, with our tips and tricks.

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Supercharge festival fun with your smartphone

Chilling out with friends in the sunshine. Mucking about in the mud. Dancing to your favourite acts. Festivals are all about living in the moment, here’s how your phone could help you take festivalling to the next level.


Protect your precious smartphone

Your phone is one of the most useful things you can pack for a festival. But it’s probably also one of your most prized possessions, so you’ll want to keep it safe. With a decent waterproof phone case, you can sit on your tallest mate’s shoulders and wave your phone about in the rain. And if you drop it, it’s got the best possible chance against the mud. And the wellies. But if the very thought of that sends shivers down your spine, you’ve got other options.


Get the most out of your phone

It’s worth thinking about accessories that’ll help you get the most out of your phone at the festival. A power bank will keep your phone charged without needing a socket. Simply charge it up, bring your charging lead and off you go. A portable speaker is a must to crank out tunes around the campfire. Take a look at our speakers to find the right one for you.


Be in the know

There’s not much that gets a crowd more worked up than a secret set. Chances are people will be talking about it for years to come – don’t only hear about it once it’s over. Follow your favourite acts on social media and keep up with all of the gossip.

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