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The best kit and apps for taking better photos.
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Getting started

If you want to take great pics, you're going to need a good camera. Luckily there's plenty available, with smartphones constantly excelling themselves. The ever increasing capabilities means there’s no excuse for missing that beautiful sunset, or the moment Dave fell off his chair. And cloud storage means you can keep all those memories forever.

A quick guide to the best camera kit and apps


Keep the camera rolling

If you want to take some seriously impressive snaps, try the OnePlus 6T. It's got a 16 + 20MP dual camera, plus Multi-frame Processing for clearer pictures. You can use intelligent scene recognition to automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and more. And it’s even got a studio lighting feature, to help you take the perfect portrait.


Get it right, day or night

Want to remember the big night out? Make sure you get a camera that’s up to the job, even when the sun goes down. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro's Artificial Intelligence helps you fine tune your photos by picking the best settings for your environment. That means you’ll get better pictures, even in low light. So you can snap from dusk till dawn. Till dusk. Till dawn. Ad infinitum.


Does size matter?

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller and easier to hold, the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact is perfect. It’s the world’s most compact 5 inch smartphone, but it still packs in an impressive 19MP Motion Eye camera. Want to try your hand at creating videos? It records 960fps super slow motion in Full HD, so you can capture every detail.


Filters, fun and finishing touches

If you need a helping hand with your photos, there are plenty of useful apps out there. ProShot is filled to the brim with features to make your pictures even better. Camera360 Ultimate lets you add stickers and cartoon effects to your photos, while Fragment can help you turn your pics into works of art. Then there’s Instagram for adding any last minute filters, before they’re ready to share.


Save your snaps for a rainy day

Make sure your photography skills don’t go to waste. If you’re an Android user, Google Photos will automatically back up and organise your pictures, so you can find them quickly whenever you want, and share them how you like.

Time to get snap happy

Now that you know what kit to use, and the best apps for making your pics look even better, you're ready to be released into the wild. Quick launch camera at the ready.

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