How to get the best live music experience

Make it a night to remember

Find out how to book the right gig, get VIP treatment and make the most of your night.

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Make it unforgettable

There’s nothing quite like live music. So we’re here to help you make the most of it, from getting your tickets early to sharing your night on social media.

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Find the perfect gig

First of all, you need to find the perfect live music event. Got an artist in mind? Many of them will let you subscribe for updates from their website, so you can get an email when tickets to their gigs are available. Check out the O2 Academy app as well. You can see what’s on at your local O2 Academy, book tickets and invite your friends to join you too. But don’t just stop at your local O2 Academy. There are 19 O2 Academy venues up and down the country, in iconic settings like a Grade I listed building in Leeds and an 1800s Arts Club in Liverpool. So switch up the scenery for a night to remember. And with Priority, you’ll be able to get your hands on tickets 48 hours before general release.


Check the weather

Once you get to your O2 Academy venue, you’ll be able to skip the queue with a little help from your Priority app. But if you’re planning on celebrating afterwards, make sure you’re prepared with a jacket or umbrella if the forecast isn’t looking great. Don’t worry, you won’t have to lug them around during the gig – anyone on O2 who’s got the Priority app gets free cloakroom access. And it means you can enjoy the rest of your night without worrying about the rain ruining your look. To check the weather forecast and get directions to the venue, just go to the O2 Academy app.


Power up

Your phone plays a big part in your live experiences. It’s the #newnormal. So the last thing you need is to get caught out by the dreaded low battery. Make sure you charge up your phone before you head out, so you’ve got plenty of power for photos, phone calls and sharing. Even better, get one step ahead and take a portable charger. The Belkin MIXIT UP Power Pack is a great option – it’s small enough to carry in your pocket or bag without weighing you down, and it’s compatible with most devices.


Enjoy VIP treatment

If you’re heading to a gig at The O2 or an O2 Academy venue, you’ll be treated like an A-lister. Not only can you skip the queue and stash your coat for free, but you could get to hang out in our exclusive Priority rooms too. If you’re at The O2, you’ll be able to head to the swish O2 blueroom for some drinks before the show. And depending on the venue, you’ll be able to use the Priority app to get two for one drinks offers.


Get social media savvy

Got a friend who couldn’t make it? Use social media to make them feel like they’re right there with you. Snapchat is perfect for sharing your favourite moments – you can take pictures or 10 second videos, then share them with your mates. You can even snap selfies with silly filters or geotag your pictures to show which city you’re in. Or if you want to share a longer clip, try streaming your live experience through Facebook Live. Your friends can comment or react to your video as you’re streaming. And if you want to let the artist know how much you enjoyed the gig, head to Twitter and tell them about your experience in 140 characters.

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