Check if your phone’s eligible for Switch Up


To upgrade with O2 Switch Up, your current phone needs to be in good condition. The odd bit of wear and tear’s okay, but if it’s damaged or faulty, it won’t be eligible for a swap. Also, we can't swap phones with non-genuine parts, like replacement screens.


To swap your phone using O2 Switch Up, it needs to be in full working order. That means there shouldn’t be any faults with the screen, cameras, speakers or microphone. The phone should charge and hold power as normal, and its connectivity features, like Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular, should work properly. If your phone’s faulty, we might still be able to help.

Your phone also needs to be unlinked from any user accounts, like iCloud, Find My iPhone or Google, before you can use Switch Up.


Your phone’s screen should be free of any deep scratches or marks that could affect viewing, and the camera lenses should be clear.

Scratches on phone
Cracked phone

External surfaces

Light or moderate scuffs and scrapes to the edges and casing are fine, but chips, cracks and deep scratches won’t be accepted.

Scratches on phone
Scratches on phone

Water damage

We can’t accept any water damaged phones. If there’s any visible moisture behind the screen or cameras, or other indications of water damage, you won’t be able to swap your phone for a new one with O2 Switch Up.

Water in phone
Water in phone camera


How do I know if my current phone’s suitable to switch for a new one?

If you’re planning on returning your current phone to us, you’ll need to make sure it meets our grading criteria. This means it’s free from:

  • Cracks, chips or deep scratches on the front, back or edge of the device
  • Any LCD damage that consists of missing pixels or lighting issues
  • Any functional damage, e.g. (but not limited to):
    • Camera (front and back)
    • Audio – speaker and mic
    • Connectivity – Bluetooth/WiFi/calls
    • Power and charge
    • Buttons not working as expected
  • Any water damage shown on the phone’s indicator or moisture visible on the screen or camera
  • Fake parts like a non-genuine screen replacement
  • Software locks like Find My iPhone or Google (must be removed before you switch your phone)
  • Stolen, barred or fake software

What happens if my phone doesn’t meet the grading criteria?

We can’t accept and take back any phones that don’t meet our grading criteria and you can cancel Switch Up at any time. Just head to My O2 to remove it. You do, however, have four alternative options:

  1. You can make a claim for any damage to your phone through your insurance (as long as you took it out)
  2. You can book your phone in to be repaired by O2
  3. You can offset some of the remaining balance on your plan with O2 Recycle before you upgrade
  4. You can pay off your existing plan to upgrade early – and you’ll keep your current phone, too

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