Can I use O2 pay as you go in Europe?

Going on holiday? Good news. We cover roaming in our Europe Zone as part of our tariffs up to 25GB as standard. You can use your minutes, texts and data (up to 25GB) in the UK and in our Europe Zone if you buy one of our Big Bundles or Rolling plans. In addition, Classic Pay As You Go customers will be charged the same in our Europe Zone as you would at home.

But remember – our UK and International Bundles only cover UK outbound calls to more than 40 destinations. So, when you're in our Europe Zone, your included minutes can only be used to call other Europe Zone destinations. If you're in the UK, however, that bundle will cover you for the Europe Zone and other destinations.

What if I have an international SIM?

Your free O2 to O2 minutes, O2 to O2 texts and data allowances can be used in our Europe Zone (including the UK) – depending on how much you topped up. Your tariff gives you discounted calls and texts from the UK to international mobiles and international landlines from your Pay As You Go mobile. For other charges, it'll cost you the same in our Europe Zone as it would do at home in the UK.

Can I use my data in Europe?

When you use data in our Europe Zone, it’ll come out of your allowance. If you’re on a tariff of 25GB or more, you’ll be charged the standard 'out of allowance' charges once you’ve used 25GB.

What if I run out of data?

If you run out of data in our Europe Zone, you’ll be charged our Web Daily rate – this happens automatically if you have enough Top Up credit. You can then buy a Web Daily Bolt On once youe used this.


The options and costs for our Web Daily and Web Daily Bolt On are the same as if you were in the UK. So, if you buy one of these Bolt Ons and don’t use all the data before heading back to the UK, you’ll still be able to use it when you get home. And if you add a Bolt On in the UK, you’ll also be able to use it in our Europe Zone.


If you’re on a tariff of 25GB or more, you’ll be charged £3.50/GB once you’ve used 25GB – unless you add a data Bolt On.


Text BALANCE to 20202 to find out how much of your UK allowance you can use in our Europe Zone.

What's included in your PAYG allowances in our Europe Zone?
  • Making calls and sending texts within our Europe Zone (excluding the UK), to any other country in our Europe Zone (including the UK).

  • Receiving calls and texts in our Europe Zone.

  • Using your data allowance (up to 25GB) while in our Europe Zone.

What’s not included?
  • Making calls or sending texts from the UK to countries outside of the UK.

  • Making calls or sending texts to countries outside of our Europe Zone.

  • Making calls or sending texts to other numbers such as premium rate numbers, directory service numbers and some non-geographic numbers (which can vary over time). 

  • Using more data than included in your Europe Zone (excluding the UK) allowance. If you do, this will be charged at our Europe Zone Web Daily and Europe Zone Web Daily Bolt On rates.

  • Mobile broadband tariffs, as they can only be used in the UK.

What destinations are included in our Europe Zone?
Austria Azores Belgium
Bulgaria Canary Islands Croatia
Cyprus* Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France
French Guiana Germany Gibraltar
Greece Guadeloupe Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Madeira Malta
Martinique Mayotte Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Reunion Romania Saint Barthelemy
Saint Martin San Marino Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden
United Kingdom Vatican City  

* Not including Northern Cyprus

What destinations aren’t included in our Europe Zone?

Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco or Switzerland are not included in our Europe Zone. If you’re planning on visiting one of these five territories, you can stay connected using our O2 Travel Bolt On. You can add this to your account by signing into My O2.


With O2 Travel, you’ll get 100MB of data to use in these countries for £1.99 a day – unless you opt out by texting TRAVELOFF to 21300.

What other restrictions are there?

You can use your O2 Pay As You Go phone in our Europe Zone at no extra cost for periodic travel – such as holidays or short breaks. Otherwise, we may charge you or have to suspend you from using our services in our Europe Zone (excluding the UK).


Get in touch if this happens to you and you think it may be a mistake. Use of our services in our Europe Zone is subject to our fair usage policy.


Any restrictions on using your Pay As You Go phone in Europe are also covered in our terms and conditions.

What about Pay Monthly customers?

Get all the information you need on using your Pay Monthly allowance in Europe.

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