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Big Bundles

Big Bundles

Our Big Bundle tariffs all come with data, texts and minutes and start from £10 a month. Remember to top up each month - we'll then exchange the credit for your chosen Big Bundle.


£10 Big Bundle
•    250 minutes, 1000 texts and 500MB of 4G ready data


£10 data Big Bundle
•    100 minutes, 100 texts and 1GB of 4G ready data


£15 Big Bundle
•    750 minutes, 2000 texts and 2GB of 4G ready data


£20 Big Bundle
•    1500 minutes, 4000 texts and 3GB of 4G ready data


£25 Big Bundle
•    3000 minutes, 4000 texts and 5GB of 4G ready data


£30 Big Bundle
•    3000 minutes, 4000 texts and 20GB of 4G ready data


Once you have used your allowances, you'll pay our standard rates:

  • Calls cost 35p a minute
  • Texts cost 14p each (excluding picture or premium messages)
  • 50MB of data costs £1 a day
  • Free O2 Wifi
  • International and roaming rates apply

Joining Big Bundles

If you're new to O2, you'll need to visit an O2 store or to get a free Big Bundle Sim.
If you're an existing Pay As You Go customer, either

  • Text 10BUNDLE (for the £10 tariff), 10DATABIGBUNDLE (for the £10 data tariff), 15BUNDLE (for the £15 tariff), 20BUNDLE (for the £20 tariff),25BUNDLE (for the £25 tariff) or 30BUNDLE (for the £30 tariff) free to 21300
  • Call 2202 free from your mobile
  • Visit My O2

Your renewal date

When we deduct the first month's payment for your Big Bundle, you'll get your inclusive monthly allowance, which will be valid up until midnight the day before your renewal date - one calendar month later.

On your renewal date, we'll attempt to deduct payment from your balance, and if successful, you will get your new inclusive monthly allowances. If you don't have enough balance, then you will not get a new set of allowances. You will need to top up the right amount so that we can deduct payment and give you another month's allowance. When this happens your allowance will be valid up until midnight of the day before your new renewal date - one calendar month later.

Paying and topping up

Payment for your Big Bundle comes out of your credit each month. The easiest way to add credit is to use auto top-ups, but you can also:

  • Call 4444 from your mobile
  • Go to any UK cash machine with the green top-up logo
  • Use an E-Top Up card
  • Buy a voucher anywhere you see the green top-up logo

Checking your remaining allowances

To check your remaining allowances:

  • Call 4444 free, then choose option 2 and 2 again
  • Text BALANCE free to 20202
  • Visit My O2

Changing tariffs & adding Bolt Ons

You can switch between Big Bundles and our other tariffs once a month by:

  • Texting your new tariff code free to 21300
  • Calling 2202 free from your mobile
  • Visiting My O2

If you are part way through your current tariff month, your request to switch to a new tariff will take effect on your next renewal date.
You can add Bolt Ons whenever you like by visiting My O2 and clicking My tariff and Bolt Ons.
If you're not sure about any techy terms, check out our jargon buster


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