Top up your way

There are lots of ways to top up. Whichever you choose, you'll still get all your usual goodies, like O2 Rewards

  • Auto top-up

    Important information for Pay As You Go customers

    We'll be making some changes to our Pay As You Go system between 11pm, 24 April, and 2am, 27 April. If you're registered for low-balance auto top-ups, you won’t get your auto top-up during this time. You'll still be able to top up online, on the phone by calling 4444, or by using a top-up voucher. See all top up options

    Auto top-up makes sure you never run out of credit by automatically topping up with money from your credit or debit card.

    Step 1: Sign in to My O2 to set up your auto top-up.

    Step 2: Choose the amount and if you want to get topped up on a certain day/date or when your balance gets low.

    Step 3: We'll then top you up automatically. You can change or cancel whenever you like.

    Pick auto top-up
  • Web top-up

    Top up between £10 and £30 online. You just need your mobile number and a credit or debit card handy.

    Top up now
  • Top up by phone

    Call 4444 free from your mobile, or 08456 062 277 from a landline. Have your debit or credit card handy and follow the simple instructions.

  • At a cash machine

    Top up at any cash machine that has the green top-up logo. Just follow the instructions. The money will come out of your account and we'll send you a text to confirm. You can top up between £10 and £50.

  • E-Top Up card

    To top-up, hand over your e-top up card at any O2 shop or other store with the green top-up logo. You can pay by cash, credit or debit card and can top up between £10 and £50. You can also use the same card again and again.

  • Top-up voucher

    Go to any O2 shop or anywhere you see the green top-up logo and ask for an O2 top-up. You can pay by cash or card. Then call 4444 free from your mobile, or 08456 062 277 from a landline, enter the number on your receipt and follow the instructions. Top up between £10 and £50. Your voucher will expire after twelve months.

  • Top up abroad

    Call 4444 free from your mobile anywhere in the world. If the country doesn't allow shortcode dialling, enter *111*# and press the call button. Have your debit or credit card handy and follow the instructions. You can also use top-up vouchers abroad. Or top up online using Web top-up.

Looking to top-up Mobile Broadband?

Data top-up

O2 Rewards

Get up to 10% of your top-ups back every three months. Save up for goodies like tickets to The O2, extra credit, high street vouchers, accessories or even a new phone.

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