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Look, no wires! How the Moto 360 recharges without all the clutter

Say goodbye to messy wires – wireless charging is here and it comes as standard in some of the best new gadgets. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to how it works on the new Moto 360 smartwatch.

Step one – plug in your smart new charger
The Moto 360 charging dock is a neat and compact stand, making it perfect for storing on your bedside table or desk. Once you've plugged it in to an electricity supply, there's no need to fiddle about with sockets and cables each time you need to charge.

Step two – pop your phone on top to start charging
The charger uses a type of wireless charging known as Qi. This means you don't have a USB or power port, all you have to do is sit the watch on the dock and a clever system of electromagnets will start replenishing your phone's juice right away.

Step three – sit back and watch (if you don't have anything better to do),
It's easy to track your watch's progress. As well as the time, you'll also see a blue ring showing how much it's charged – once that blue ring becomes a full circle, you're ready to go. A full charge from zero will take around an hour.

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