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Fitter, happier, more connected. How connecting a smartband to your phone can get you healthy

You're a control freak

You like knowing exactly what physical activity you've been doing and when and how long for and how many calories that burned and you like seeing all that information in one handy graph and you like sending that information to your doctor and your nutritionist and your personal trainer for their advice.

You're addicted to checking your phone

With a smartband on your wrist, you can stop constantly checking your phone because a short sharp buzz on your wrist will let you know if you've got a call, messages or app notifications waiting.

And you really hate this song

We all have those songs on our phones that we thought we liked once but now realise are a hate crime against anyone with ears. But somehow we never quite get round to deleting them and they always seem to pop up on shuffle just when we're hitting our stride. With a combo like the Sony Smartband and an Xperia phone, you'll be able to simply tap your wrist to skip the track rather than fiddle about retrieving your phone and doing it manually.

You cycle and run and swim and sleep

You are a workout fiend. If you're not in the gym, you're on your bike. If you're not on your bike, you're in the water. If you're not in the water, you're probably asleep because you're exhausted from all that physical activity. Rather than logging your various workouts in a number of different apps, by syncing a smartband to a smartphone, you can keep track of them all in one place.

Or you're completely lacking in motivation

When you check your stats and see you've literally been sitting still for 9 hours of the day, it might give you the nudge you need to get out and about. Once you start doing something as simple as counting the number of steps you take in a day, you'll start wanting to one-up yourself the next day, and the next, and the next. Better still, set yourself goals and you'll find yourself making extra trips just to meet them.

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