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Great balls of fire: Amazon's Fire phone offers smart scanning and a semi-3D view

Amazon's first ever smartphone features an intriguing new 3D perspective and intelligent scanning feature. Join the O2 Gurus as they run down the key features of the Fire phone by Amazon.

A new scanning feature lets you identify anything

Firefly lets you identify phone numbers, web addresses or retail products using the phone's camera. You can also scan songs, films or TV shows, then have the option to buy or rent them or book tickets for live shows. App makers have access to all of Firefly's functions: a new iHeartRadio app, for example, launches a radio station based on the song you've just scanned.

It has a new and exclusive semi-3D perspective

Dynamic Perspective is made possible by four cameras – one in each corner of the Fire phone's face – which track the movements of the handset and your head and shift the phone's display perspective accordingly. It means you can peer into maps, check out StubHub seats and navigate apps without touching the screen. It also presents the possibility of future Oculus Rift-like gaming experiences on your mobile.

The Fire phone comes with Amazon's own version of Android, called Fire OS (it's also used on the Kindle Fire). It streamlines the things Amazon think are the most useful functions for a phone, so it's heavy on media libraries, productivity apps and cloud services. All in all, it means it's easy to work on the go, and store films and music online.

You get plenty of special treats

Fire phone owners are rewarded with plenty of marvellous bonuses, including unlimited cloud storage (making it a great option for serious phone photographers). You also get a year's subscription to Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Instant Video (previously LOVEFiLM).

It offers awesome audio power

Thanks to impressive Dolby Digital Plus technology, the Fire phone is capable of improving dialogue quality in TV shows and movies, auto-adjusting your volume and creating virtual surround sound. To top it off, everything you've ever bought from Amazon can also be easily downloaded for offline listening. Handy!

The Fire phone by Amazon is exclusive to O2 now: pre-order your Fire phone online today.

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