O2 Store and Share Unlimited Free Subscription Offer

1. I’ve lost my iPad Pro voucher

  • Give us a call on 0344 809 0202

2. My iPad Pro voucher code isn’t recognised.

  • Vouchers are case sensitive so make sure you’ve copied it correctly. If the code’s still not working for you then give us a call on 0344 809 0202

3. My iPad Pro voucher code is saying that it’s already been activated.

  • Log in to O2 Store and Share here https://protect.o2.co.uk/hub using your My O2 account details
  • Go to the My Account tab
  • You can check your Store and Share subscriptions to see if it’s been activated already. If it hasn’t you can call us on 0344 809 0202

4. When does my subscription end?

  • Your free subscription will end 24 months from when you activated the voucher code. Subject to our Terms. You can find out the exact subscription end date online within the My Account tab in the Store and Share account screen.

5. What are my choices after the end of the promotion?

  • You have 3 choices
  • You can move to our free package with 8gb content allowance. If you move to this package you’ll need to make sure that you’ve not used more than the 8gb of content allowance. If you have more than 8gb of content that you want to keep, but move to this package then you’ll lose content that exceeds the 8gb limit. So please make sure that you choose the correct package for your storage needs.
  • You can move to our paid subscriptions of 32gb or unlimited if you need more than our free 8gb package.
  • You can back up your content from your Store and Share account to another storage facility and cancel your subscription by https://protect.o2.co.uk/hub. Canceling your Store and Share subscription will remove and delete all of your content. So please make sure you have backed up your content before cancelling.

6. Can I use multiple vouchers on the same account?

  • No. One voucher per My O2 account can be used. Within your account you can add more devices to be able to use the same Store and Share account.

7.If I leave O2, can I keep my free 24m O2 Store and Share unlimited subscription?

  • No, unfortunately you can’t keep your Store and Share account. Please make sure you have safely backed up your content to a different storage facility if you choose to leave us.

8. I don’t know my MyO2 account details

  • Don’t worry you can reset them here http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2
  • Select ‘forgotten your username or password’ and follow the steps to retrieve your details

9. I’ve logged into My O2 but there are no mobiles listed.

  • Give us a call on 0344 809 0202 and we’ll help you.

10. How do I download the Store & Share app?

11. How do I upload a file from my phone or tablet?

  • Photos and videos that you take will be automatically uploaded.
  • If you want to upload a specific file, open up the Store & Share app and press the + button in the top right corner.
  • You’ll then be able to choose a file to upload.


12. I've uploaded a photo on one device, but I can't see it on another device – what should I do?

  • It can sometimes take a few minutes for files to be synchronised.
  • If something hasn't appeared, press the menu button on the top right of your screen, and then select “Refresh”.

13. Some of my items haven't uploaded – what should I do?

  • If an item hasn't uploaded, click on Settings → This Device. Then click the + symbol to select all the items you want to upload.

14. What else can I back up?

  • As well as photos and videos, O2 Store & Share lets you back up any type of file – that includes:
    • MP3 music tracks
    • eBooks
    • Documents
  • You can back up your address book with a single click.
  • Keep your calendar safe with O2 Store & Share's automated backups.
  • Connect your Facebook account in order to save all of your precious memories.

15. How do I get more storage space?

16. How do I sign in to O2 Store and Share?

  • You’ll need to sign in using your "My O2 Account.".
  • If you are a "Mobile Broadband Customer" and unable to sign up for My O2, you’ll be able to sign in with your mobile phone number.
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