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Texts and picture messages

Texts and picture messages

You might be charged for a picture message (MMS) when you thought you’d sent a text (SMS). This could be because your text has turned into a picture message.

A text might turn into a picture message because:

  • there are pictures or attachments in the message
  • you’ve included a symbol, emoticon or emoji
  • you’re sending a group text
  • the message is too long
  • the message has a subject line
  • you’re texting an email address.

This can happen on any network and is beyond our control. Your phone will usually tell you if it’s converting a text message into a picture message.

To stop this happening, keep messages within the character limit. Remove pictures, sounds and smileys from your messages. Sometimes your phone will convert a text to an MMS when you send a group message so try sending the message individually or to smaller groups.

Older phones like the Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4 and the Galaxy Note 1, 2, 3 and the Galaxy Ace will change a text into a picture message if it includes certain smileys or symbols. If you’ve got one of these devices, you can switch the function off. Go to Messaging > Settings > Text Messages > Input mode > choose Unicode instead of Automatic.

If you’re having this issue with a different device, take a look at the manual. You might need to contact the manufacturer to find out how to switch the function off.

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