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With O2 Family, you can save money with our Family Plan, bring all your household‘s airtime contracts together in one place, and get peace of mind, with Qustodio, the parental control app.

What is the Family Plan discount?

With our Family Plan, you get up to 40% off Airtime Plans on eligible tariffs.

Add one Family Plan connection to get 10% off the Airtime Plan. Add a second to get 20% off. Add a third to get 30% off. Add a fourth, fifth or more to get 40% off each of those Airtime Plans. You can add up to 20 connections to your Family Plan.

Your discount will last until you upgrade.

How do I get Family Plan?

If you’re already an O2 customer, you might be able to register for Family Plan using our SMS service. 

You’ll need to have a lead connection, and at least one additional connection, on an eligible O2 Refresh or sim only tariff. To get the discount, you’ll need to register each additional connection within 28 days of getting them.  Check our eligibility terms.

If you’re on an eligible tariff, text LOYALTY to 21500 and follow the instructions to register from your phone. We’ll text you confirmation once they’re setup.

You can add 20 eligible connections to your Family Plan - we’ll ask you for the mobile numbers you want to add.  Make sure you include all numbers registered to your billing account, so we can give you the right discount.

Check Family Plan eligibility

Use our eligibility checklist to see if you can claim this offer.

  • The lead connection is on a Pay Monthly or sim only tariff.
  • To get the airtime discount, make sure you have an existing Pay Monthly or sim only tariff that isn’t already discounted, or part of another promotion. Check with an O2 Guru if you’re unsure.
  • You've take out a new eligible O2 Refresh or sim only contract.
  • All connections are registered under the same billing address as the lead device.

See full Family Plan terms

Can I get a Family Plan discount on Pay As You Go?

On a Family Plan with at least two Pay Monthly connections? You can save £5 on our £15 and £20 Big Bundles on Pay As You Go.

Text FAMILY10 or FAMILY15 and the Pay As You Go number to 21300, from your Pay Monthly mobile. For example, FAMILY10 07860123456.

We’ll text you once we’ve added your discount. You can have a maximum of two discounted Pay As You Go connections per customer. See terms.

What are the exclusions for Family Plan?

The airtime discount is only applied to the additional connections, not the initial connection.

Out-of-bundle and premium-rate charges are excluded. The discount is a percentage of the Airtime Plan only.

Business tariffs and any other tariffs bought through a third party aren’t eligible.

Standard tariffs, sharer plans or O2 Refresh tariffs and sim only tariffs that already have a discount applied are not eligible for the Family Plan airtime discount.

What if I didn’t get my contract directly through O2?

If you didn’t get your connection directly from us, it won’t be eligible for the Family Plan discount. However it would still qualify as a lead connection.

How many Family Plan discounts can I have?

You can get a maximum of 20 Family Plan discounts.

Can I add an upgrade to the Family Plan?

Yes, as long as the upgrade is eligible for Family Plan, isn’t the lead connection, and you apply for the discount within 28 days of upgrading.

Can the Family Plan Discount be applied to Mobile Broadband O2 Refresh connections?

Yes, Mobile Broadband Refresh connections are eligible for Family Plan discount.

How will I know if the discount has been added?

If you signed up in store, you’ll see your discount on your receipt and in My O2. If you applied using our SMS service, you’ll get text confirmation within three days.

The airtime discount will appear on the next bill.

Why has my request been rejected?

There could be a number of reasons for your request being rejected.

  • Your tariff isn’t eligible
  • The addresses linked to your mobile numbers don’t match.
  • There is already a discount applied to the connection.
  • It’s been over 28 days since you got your connection.
  • You didn’t enter the right mobile number.
  • The number you gave us was the lead connection.
How long will I get the discount for?

You’ll get the discount until you upgrade. When you upgrade, you’ll need to apply for the additional discount again by texting LOYALTY to 21500 or by going to an O2 store.

What happens if the lead number disconnects?

You’ll get the discount until you upgrade. When you upgrade, you’ll need to apply for the additional discount again by texting LOYALTY to 21500 or by going to an O2 store.

What happens if an additional connection disconnects?

If an additional connection disconnects, it will affect the percentage discount on any future connections.

What if I’m eligible for two different discounts?

If you’re eligible for more than one airtime discount, we’ll give you the biggest one that’s available to you.

How do I qualify for Qustodio?

You’ll need to have more than one connection under the same My O2 account. You’ll continue getting access to Qustodio for as long as you have multiple connections

How do I get Qustodio?

If you’re eligible, we’ll send you an email and SMS with your unique Qustodio licence code and instructions for how to redeem.

What should I do if my Qustodio licence key doesn’t work?

Make sure you’ve entered the license key correctly (check that you’ve entered zero, not the letter O, for example).

What should I do if I haven’t received my licence key?

Check your spam folder for our email.

I need help with using the Qustodio app

If you’ve got any more questions, or need help with the app itself, just visit the Qustodio Help Center.

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