One of our customer fairness principles is giving everyone a fair deal. So we introduced Auto-Save – our initiative to ensure you never pay for a phone you already own.

  • If you're on an O2 Refresh or custom plan contract, once you’ve finished paying off your Device Plan, you’ll only continue paying for your airtime.
  • If you’re on any standard contract taken out directly with us, at the end of that contract we’ll automatically move you onto a 30-day rolling tariff.

We’ve recognised that customers who are on Consumer Pay Monthly standard contracts with us could be paying less for their service, after their minimum period has expired. As part of our fairness commitment, from December 2019, these customers will automatically be moved to an equivalent 30 day rolling tariff, as per our terms and conditions. This means their monthly spend will be lower for the equivalent minutes, texts and data.

Got any questions? You may find your answer below.

Why are you moving me?

We promise to give our customers a fair deal. Because you’re now beyond your minimum period, we are moving you to a tariff that has you paying less for the equivalent minutes, texts and data.

What tariff are you moving me to and why?

We’re moving you onto a 30 day rolling tariff because it's the equivalent based on the services you currently receive.

When will the changes take place?

Look for the text we sent you recently, that will tell you the month the change will take place.

What does the new tariff give me?

Your new tariff will include all the data, minutes and texts allowances you have today, but at a lower price. You’ll also keep any other added products (data Bolt Ons, discounts, etc) that you had on your previous tariff.

Is this my only option?

This is an automatic move that gives you all the benefits of being on a 30 day rolling tariff. But it’s not your only option.
If you’d prefer to upgrade to a new device or a different tariff, just get in touch.

Will this change mean that I’m in a new contract?

No, we’re simply moving you to a 30-day rolling tariff, which means you can upgrade at any time or change tariffs 30 days after your tariff transfer. Terms apply.

Will I keep existing Bolt Ons and services, like insurance and discounts?

Yes, any existing products and services you’ve added will be carried over to your new tariff.

What will happen to my Direct Debit?

Your Direct Debit will remain but with the new lower amount. In some cases, you might only see a partial change at first. Depending on where you are in your bill cycle when the change happens, you may have part of the month at your existing price and part at the new price.

What do I need to do if I want to add a Spend Cap to my new tariff?

If you already have a Spend Cap it will move over with you. Or if you haven’t got a Spend Cap, you can add one now. Find out more about Spend Caps

What if I’ve already upgraded or if I upgrade before you transfer me?

You’ll stay on your new tariff and we won’t move you.

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