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Got 4G

You're nearly 4G ready

We recently sent you message to tell you that we've given you access to 4G at no extra cost.

Here's everything you need to know.

Why would I want 4G?

The way we use our mobiles is changing. We now watch videos, on the go. Play games, out and about. Well 4G means you can do all of that, seamlessly*.

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How do I know if I'm in a 4G area?

If your message from us said 'O2 4G is here' it means O2 4G coverage is available in the post code you registered with us. If your message said 'Get ready for O2 4G' then O2 4G isn't available in your postcode yet but you will still be able to use 4G when in a 4G coverage area. Keep using our coverage checker guide to know if you are in a 4G coverage area when out and about.

Check out the coverage

Great - What do I do now?

- As we have changed your service to 4G its best to switch your phone off and then back on again to make sure the new settings install properly
- All our sim cards work with 4G but our newest sim cards will get you connected to 4G the quickest. If you haven't already got one, we can give you one for free to replace the one you have now order it here
- Check that you have the latest software update on your phone. Want to know how? We're always here to help

If you have any other questions then we've pulled together some frequently asked questions to help you along the way. You can also speak to us on Live Chat, in any of our O2 stores or on the phone.

* 4G Speed will vary depending on location and number of people using the service. Potential speed claim based on Ofcom website info at:

Handy Tips and FAQs

Will I use more data on 4G?

It depends what you're doing. If you stream higher quality video over 4G than you did over 3G the higher quality picture will use more data. You can keep an eye on your data usage at

You've given me a 4G Bolt On. But can I get a 4G tariff?

It depends on when you connected or upgraded to your current tariff. Visit My O2 to see if our latest 4G tariffs available or pop to an O2 shop. Make sure you have your phone and some photo ID with you.

I don't want access to 4G. Can I opt out?

Once you've tried it, we're pretty sure you'll love it! The way we use our mobiles is changing. We now watch videos, on the go. Play games, out and about. Well 4G means you can do all of that, seamlessly*.

If you don't want 4G you can opt out by calling us on 202, free from your phone,remove the 4G bolt on by accessing your My O2 account at Or contact us

What is 4G?

4G is up to five times faster than 3G, making it much easier to watch videos, play games, tweet and browse on your phone. Downloading a 10-minute video clip, which takes minutes over 3G, takes seconds on 4G.

How it works

Our 4G network will take over the frequency used by analogue terrestrial TV. This signal passes through walls more easily, so we'll be able to give you great indoor coverage.

You've told me you're giving 4G access at no extra cost. What do I do next?

Don't worry. We'll help you along the way. The text message we sent you says the date when your 4G bolt-on will be added. Once your Bolt On is active, visit our set up assistant.

What is a Bolt On?

Bolt Ons are extras you can add to your account and pay for them monthly at the same time. They can range from buying 50 picture messages to discounted international calls.

You can see our range of Bolt Ons here.

Don't forget - we are giving you this bolt on at no extra cost to you.

I have a 3G sim and set-up assistant says I need a 4G sim. What should I do ?

Pop to an O2 shop and pick up your free 4G sim. Make sure you take your phone and photo ID with you. Alternatively, you can order a free 4G SIM card online here

I've got a new SIM card. But how do I transfer all of my contacts?

Our Gurus will be able to help. Check these Guru clips that show how to transfer your contacts' to an iPhone and also from iPhone to Android

I'm not in a 4G area? Why would I want this?

Our 4G network is increasing all the time and is now available to O2 customers in over 5,000 towns, cities and villages across the UK, bringing new and exciting ways for customers to use their digital devices. Our latest coverage is 68.5% indoor population - that’s about 80% outdoor population coverage. There's a great chance we'll be rolling it out where you live too. So we want to make sure when 4G arrives, you're all set. In the meantime, you can use it in any of our 4G cities, towns or areas.

Check out our 4G coverage.

Have I got the latest software? How do I tell?

Not having the latest software could mean that 4G won't work on your phone. But don't worry, is free and easy to do. To find out if you need to update your software go here.

You haven't given me 4G access. Why not?

If you're on Pay Monthly and have a data allowance of less than 500MB we've not added 4G. Its because we think you need at least 500MB data allowance each month to get the most out of 4G. If you're on Pay As You Go, we've not forgotten about you. We're looking to open up the possibilities of 4G to you soon.

What is O2 Business offering? And when?

We're also opening up the possibilities of 4G to a number of our existing business customers. We've already started and will continue with small groups throughout the year. We'll be in contact with them when it happens to tell them the good news. Please contact your account manager or our customer service team on 0800 977 7337 if you want to find out more about 4G and how it can benefit your business.

Will this affect my phone's battery life?

The phone will always try and connect to the strongest network available and as a result if a customer is in a 3G area the phone will be continuously searching for a 4G connection. The best tip is that if a customer is in a no 4G (or patchy 4G) area they should turn 4G off. This will save on Battery life as the phone will no longer be searching for the Network.

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