All the services we bring you are made possible with data, so we believe it’s important for you to know how we go about using it and how it makes your O2 experience better.

1) We look after your data

We handle your data ethically, that means we’ll always do the right thing by you. We put security measures in place to help prevent your data from being misused accidentally or intentionally. And we won’t ever sell your personal data either.

2) We use your data to benefit you

A mobile network by nature needs to know your location – it’s how your calls, texts and data can reach you. And this kind of information can also help us make your O2 experience better, like connecting you to nearby O2 Wifi hotspots to save your data or giving you a heads up on Priority offers right around the corner.

3) We’re open with how we use your data

We’ll only collect, use or share your data if you’ve given us your ‘OK’ first, if it’s required by law or if it’s part and parcel of making your service possible. We make sure you’re always clear on how we use data, too. Whether it’s to understand what you like so we can ping you Priority offers you’ll love, or using anonymous location data so we can see how many customers are rocking out at The O2. 

4) We put you in control of your data

We make it easy for you to call the shots on if, and how, we use your data for our marketing. You can change this at any time for any channel – it’s your right. And if you ever have any questions about your rights, we’ll be happy to talk you through them. 

5) We use data to inspire good business

We create products powered by crowd data, measuring things like crowd sizes at a particular time and place. This information can help businesses deliver better customer service, like transport companies increasing services when we need them most. Crowd data is anonymous, so it can’t be used to identify you as an individual.