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We’re making some improvements to our systems and you may notice some changes once you’re migrated to the new system. We may ask you to provide your phone number so that we can help you access the most relevant support content.

Your bill explained. For customers on our new system

We’ve simplified your bills. To see your latest bill, use the My O2 app, or sign in to My O2 and go to ‘View latest bill’.


You can view your bill due date with any extra charges, which will be added to your next bill and your latest bill total, on your My O2 account homepage. You can also see more details by selecting ‘View bill’ or ‘View latest bill’.


Your bill total will also take into account any balance brought forward from previous months, for example if you’ve missed a bill payment.


Your bill is calculated as a total cost of all lines or devices on your account. Each one will have the charges broken down by:


  • Your tariff charge – the cost of your tariff which is made up of your data, minutes and text allowances.
  • Monthly extras – these are charges applied to your account that are not covered within your tariff. For example, if you’ve applied an Extra like Disney+ on your account, have made a call to a premium rate or chargeable service, or if you’ve exceeded your allowances. You may also see credits applied to your bill which could be refunds, cash returns or Airtime Rewards discounts.
  • Device plan – this is the cost of your device per month. You can choose to pay off this device plan earlier and reduce your total monthly costs. You can view this breakdown in the ‘Summary of Charges’ section in My O2.


You can also amend the billing period you want to look at – for example, if you want to compare one bill to another.


You can also view your summary of charges across your account, using the drop-down menu on the summary of charges screen.

Your bill explained

We’re giving the My O2 website a bit of a refresh so viewing your bill may look a little different, but don’t worry it’s all to make things better for you. You can just click on ‘Latest bill’ to see your new bill. You’ll now see your Airtime Plan, Device Plan and any charges as a total bill and your bill will come out as a single Direct Debit. And, you can still view the breakdown of charges in your ‘Summary of charges’.

For customers on our current system


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