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About us

Whether you are a website owner who has content on your site or are an organisation providing a product or service (profit or non-profit) within your own right, you can apply to the O2 Affiliate program to sell our products and services and earn money.

The simple concept is to drive your sites traffic to’s online shop and earn money by doing so. O2 offers you the opportunity to choose which of our products and services available are best suited for promotion within your site/network

How does it work
  • You get paid commission for O2 sales that you drive
  • Register to be an affiliate with our affiliate agency AWIN


  • Choose which programmes you would like to promote from the product listings on the right
  • Advertise our products using content from the AWIN DARWIN management area
  • Need our data feed? Use your AWIN affiliate ID and register with our data feed provider, Fuse Pump


  • Generate sales and earn money

Top tip

In order to be a successful affiliate, it is important to optimise your campaigns on a regular basis. To be able to optimise your performance, you first need to understand how your campaigns are performing. AWIN has complete, customisable reporting, to provide the level of detail and report frequency that you prefer. The EPC amount you receive depends on the quality of your traffic, so by optimising your site for quality you will maximise your earnings.

How do you make money

O2 will offer you a fixed commission per product that you sell in a completed transaction by referring sales from your site to the O2 online shop.

Your traffic will be managed through AWIN's tracking system. If any of the customers you drive to O2 purchases a product from O2 then you will see this track in your AWIN account and a commission will be allocated. This system tracks in real time.

When a sale/commission is made it is entered into AWIN with a 'pending' status and that commission then has to be validated for it to be paid out on. The majority of O2 programmes work on a 14 day sale validation rate meaning that a sale made on 1st July would be validated on 15th July.

Affiliates are paid twice a month on 1st and 16th of each month. The payments are based on the date that the commission is validated. Any commissions validated between 1st and 15th of one month will be paid out to affiliates on 1st of the next month. Any commissions validated between 16th and the end of one month are paid out to affiliates on 15th of the following month.

How do you join
  1. Check the relevancy of your website and what vertical markets you are promoting.
  2. Select which O2 Program you would like to promote and click Apply now on links on the right.
  3. Register with AWIN.
  4. They will quality check your site and be in touch on whether you qualify to promote O2.
  5. If you qualify implement our product feeds and promotional content and start earning commission!
Exclusive O2 content

Why O2? Here are some great content ideas to get you started:

Priority Moments

Whether you want pizza, prosecco, a new pair of trainers or money off everyday items, the Priority Moments app gives you access to loads of exclusive offers.

Priority Tickets

Get tickets to thousands of gigs & events across the UK up to 48 hours before general release.

Priority Sports

Giving you the chance to meet and train with your sporting heroes and get exclusive access to Nike events, Nike product exclusives and more.

O2 Rewards

Our way of saying thanks for being with O2. From money off tickets to must-see gigs, a new mobile or accessory, extra credit or High Street vouchers.

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